Sunday, August 14, 2011

Shimon Peres And More "Secret Talks"

14 of the Fifth Month 5771

Shimon Peres appears to be at it again. Is the Israeli Public really that numbed out to care?

Apparently so.

My comments and countless question which need to be answered are interspersed in blue italics.
YNET: Abbas, Peres Held "Four Secret Meetings"

Shimon PeresPalestinian president claims Peres cancelled fifth meeting due to government's objection, official says

AFP, August 14, 2011

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas revealed he held four secret meetings with President Shimon Peres in a bid to revive stalled peace talks, a Palestinian official said Saturday.
Secret from whom? Secret from the K'nesseth? Secret from the Israeli public?

Granted we are not allowed to believe the lying Yishma'elites (Arabs), yet we must also be suspicious of the likes of Shimon Peres (See Ramba"m on Mishnah Avoth 1:6).

Plus, this far from the first time, secret negotiations have taken place, having been initiated by the anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, Erev Rav, "We know best," Left. Oslo and Geneva are two of the secrets we know about. After such illegal talks are discovered, there is usually some yelling in the K'nesseth and other such, symbolic protest, and then the instigators are hailed as "heroes of peace."
He quoted Abbas as saying at a meeting of his Fatah party on Friday that: "I met Shimon Peres four times in Amman and London in an attempt to restart negotiations and the peace process on a correct foundation."

The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, added that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had thwarted those efforts.
Because he just found out about them? Because they were leaked, and he did not want to incur the damage which came with it?
"Shimon Peres assured me that the negotiations between us could lead to results that could be adopted by the Netanyahu government," the official quoted Abbas as saying.
How could Shimon Peres provide such assurances?
"After the first four meetings, a fifth was scheduled in Amman, but Shimon Peres apologised and said, 'I'm sorry but the government does not accept that we negotiate and I cannot do anything,'" Abbas said at the Friday gathering, according to the official.

Israeli media reported in early August the cancellation of a planned secret meeting in Amman between Abbas and Peres after Netanyahu's refusal to give the president a clear mandate for negotiations.
Clear mandate? What was he doing giving a mandate at all?
A spokesman for the Israeli president, whose post is largely symbolic and ceremonial, declined comment.

In the absence of negotiations, the Palestinians are to present their bid for United Nations membership on September 20, Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Malki told AFP on Saturday, a move firmly opposed by Israel.

Is it a move firmly opposed by Israel? The Israeli Public opposes it, but does the K'nesseth? Does Shimon Peres?

Apparently, Peres's opinion is the only that matters.

The role of the President of the State of Israel is largely a symbolic and ceremonial one, definitely an apolitical one. See for yourselves: Basic Law: The President of the State.

If either former Presidents Moshe Katzav or Ezer Weitzman had run around poking his nose into political issues, the K'nesseth and the Israeli Public would have been in an uproar.

So, how is it that Shimon Peres has been getting away with it since he took office, without anyone even batting an eyelash?

I guess we have an additional hint as to who is really in control of the government in Israel, and has been for a very long time.


David Tzohar said...

"Anti-Israel,anti Jewish,erev rav"
I think you should think about toning down your epithets. The term "erev rav" is particularly egregious. Many on the left genuinely believe that their policies are best for Israel. The fact that I totally disagree with them does not mean that I cant respect them and accept them as fellow Jews and try to convince them that they are wrong without calling them names. Shimon Peres for instance has many zechuyot in hityashvut and bitachon. Including such as him in the 'erev rav" is a cheap insult. A little ahavat Yisrael would go a long way here.
I hope that you accept these criticisms as the sicere tochcha that they are meant to be.

Esser Agaroth said...

The several types of Erev Rav. Some sources suggest that there are five actually.

Forsaking the Land and the attempts to join together Esau with Yishma'el are two fairly crucial signs (See Kol HaTor).

Would you prefer that I say "Erev Rav like?" I wouldn't have a problem with that.

Ahavath Yisrael, yes. However, if you review Hil. Teshuvah of the Ramba"m will find there are several categories of those who, say, have Jewish mothers, who are not considered Yisrael klal klal.

If you were to suggest that I, myself, cannot determine who fits into these categories of "ain k'Yisrael klal klal," then I would have to agree with you.

Yet, there at least four in this country with whom I am confident and am willing to risk categorizing at such. There is NO misswah at all to love such individuals.

Furthermore, when the pasuq ואהבת לרעך כמוך is popularly thrown around, I wonder just how many people have actually looked up who qualifies as a re'eh. Not so simple.

I also suggest that you review the Ramba"m on Mishnah Avoth 1:6. That should explain away is "zekhuyoth" you claim he has.

I will hopefully be writing on this soon.

Esser Agaroth said...

P. S. I forgot to thank you for writing.

You are welcome to express your opinions here, even if I may disagree with them.

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