Sunday, August 21, 2011

What Israel Did While No One Was Looking

Motza'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Eqev 5771

Most of us (I hope) know that...
YNET: Man Killed, Baby Hurt As Rockets Pound The South

At least one man killed, four seriously wounded after rockets hit southern town of Beersheba; elsewhere, four-month-old baby, eight-year-old girl hurt after rocket hits Ofakim home

Southern Israel faces major rocket offensive: At least one man was killed and four others sustained serious wounds, including a woman in grave condition, after rockets fired from the Gaza Strip hit the southern town of Beersheba Saturday evening.

Local residents said the Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted some of the rockets fired at the city in Saturday's salvo. The Popular Resistance Committees claimed responsibility for the deadly barrage.
And while everyone was focused on the Arab terror pounding the South...
ערוץ 7: כוחות הביטחון הורסים את "רמת מיגרון"
מוצ"ש פר' עקב תשע"א, 22:18

כוחות הביטחון הורסים בשעה זו את מאחז "רמת מיגרון" בבנימין. במהלך השבת נעצרו במקום למעלה מעשרה צעירים בחשד כי תקפו ילד פלסטיני מרמאללה.

Arutz 7: Security Forces Are Destroying "Ramat Migron"
August 20, 2011, 10:18 PM

Security forces are destroying "Ramat Migron" in the Binyamin Area. More than 20 youth were arrested on Shabbath on suspicion of attacking a Palestinian boy from Ramallah.
What was a "Palestinian" boy doing in the area anyway? It is pretty far from Ramallah, unless you have a car.

Nonetheless, we cannot just let this news item fly under the radar.


Harry Harrysson said...

Not being Israeli but writing a blog in Swedish about Israel - are ALL Jewish settlements in area C? Then why do the leftists in police and army hate Jews there???

Esser Agaroth said...


Thank you for writing.

I believe that they are all in so-called Area C.

Of course, the Torah, and the rest of Tana"kh, does not mention such "areas."

Rather the territories of the Tribes of Israel are mentioned. Judea Samaria are made up of much of the terrirories of Yehudah, Binyamin, Ephraim, and the Western half of Menasheh. The Golan Heights are where the Eastern half of Menasheh was (and still is) located.

Why don't they want Jews there?

Because they are too concerned over pleasing the non-Jewish entities such as the UN, EU, and US. They are worried that they might get upset.

Unfortunately, there are still too many people out there who continue to believe in the lie of the existence of a "Palistinian" People.

Harry Harrysson said...

In the political discussions here in Sweden at least people officially say they stand by the Oslo agreements, but apparently have not a clue what it says in its simplest details. That is why it is important to add that it happans in area C. To mention the historical rights - and all the grumpy old guys who wrote the San Remo international law, they knew their Bible but today people do not, and it is enough to pick arguments from San Remo onwards.

Isn't Israel soon getting rid of the idiotic Sassoon report - or not before you get rid of Barak???

I can imagine the West Bank arabs getting the same status as the Israeli arabs once there is much harder Knesset blockage against incitement against Jews and Israel from all arabs.

Esser Agaroth said...

The details you mention I should include are all through my blog.

I sound almost like a broken record.

The only solution is the return of the correct Jewish government in the Jewish homeland, as outlined in the Torah: King, Rabbinical Courts, and the Temple.

The masses are not supposed to be included in the major decisions.

Harry Harrysson said...

The masses are not really involved in modern "democracy", do not have much to say. People are nowadays elected of what they look like on TV, not their abilities. But it is impossible to break that system - one has to utilize it in some smart way.

Was it not someone in Al Qaeda who said that they agree with what the Quran says about Jews, but the government of Israel is not Jewish at all, just like any country, so they could not take Israel seriously. Or something like that. When not Netanyahu even cares about the muslim destruction of the Temple Mount........

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