Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tu b'Av Hob-Nobbing In Nahla'oth

16 of the Fifth Month 5771

Last night, I was at a very nice Tu b'Av gathering, put together by local NachlaOr., and hosted by the newest addition to Jerusalem's network of guesthouses, Nachladorms.

Our host was musician Aryeh Ben-Chaim.

It was a very pleasant atmosphere, accompanied by Gavriel Saks on the Nachladorms, new baby grand piano, joined by a cello, and the occasional drabuqa of drummer Akiva Goldberg.

Jerusalem artists Dov Lederberg and Ya'el Avi-Yonah were in attendance, showing us some of their latest work. A former show will be opening later this summer at a Tel-Aviv gallery to be announced.

"Israel Beat" radio talk show host Ben Bresky was also there, checking out the local Nahla'oth scene.

Jacky Levy was a no show. His loss.

With all of the other events going on in Nahla'oth and in Jerusalem as a whole, I definitely made the right choice.

...with all due respect to Ya'akov Shweky.

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