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A Post-Yom Kippur Message To "Right-Wing" Jewish Writers

Motza'ei Yom HaKippurim 5771

This message to those Jews who see fundamentalist Christians as our friends, if not our brothers. They are not. They the Children of Esau.

This message is to those Jews who are openly violating the negative commandment "Lo Techonem" (Do Not Have Mercy, Deut. 7:2). It is forbidden to allow practitioners of foreign worship to obtain any rest in the Land, to obtain any Land. By welcoming Christians into your towns in Judea, Samaria, and Binyamin, you are allowing them rest in the Land. You are allowing them to have contact and influence over your Children.

And, now, several blogs of Christian "volunteers" are claiming permanent residence in Samaria. This isn't news, though, as some missionary families have been living in Ariel for years.

One hilltop near Har Berakha has had to fight to prevent Christians from moving into their community, who were invited to do so by the "higher ups."

Jews in the U. S. worry about the influence of Christians. Jews in Texas are experts at this. The only positive thing about this, is that some Jews finally come back to Israel, in order to live in Jewish communities without concern

Now, in Israel we have to be concerned about Christians moving into our neighborhoods?

Residents of some Jerusalem neighborhoods, Jews with kippoth on their heads, and who identify as Torah-observant Jews, actually defend the right of Christian missionaries to remain in their neighborhoods. This is INSANE!

In Arab countries, the is no question that one must respect their laws and customs in order to live there. Some people, like Jews, and even Christians, are not allowed to live there permanently, if allowed in at all in the first place.

Yet, here in Israel, we want everyone to love us. Here in Israel, we flagrantly misinterpret the positive commandment "We'Ahavta l'Re'ekha Kamokha" (Love your re'eh as yourself, Ex. 19:18).

This message is also to those Jews who see moderate and liberal and moderate Muslims as our heroes. They are not. Pay attention. Women should not have to dress modestly? Women should not have to cover their hair? Western, progressive multi-culturalism? Their messages are anti-Torah messages, thus anti-Jewish, and thus anti-Israel. Their goals are the same as those of the Leftists, the complete assimilation of Israeli citizens into the Western, progressive, and eventually global community.

This message is also for all of you who regularly read the articles of the Jewish writers I address in the above.
Please remove me from your list.

I find your posts to be the same old "work within the goyshe world to facilitate change" posts. I don't know about the post below, as I did not bother to read it.

Your posts are too stuck in galuth. I can't read them.

Israel must stand on its own two feet, stop worrying about what the goyim think already, and start acting like Jews.

Do yourself a favor. Leave galuth, and come back to your TRUE homeland, and learn Torah, the ONLY justification for the Jewish Poeple claim to Eretz Yisra'el.

Those of you who already learn Torah, I challenge you to learn it, while setting aside your hashqafah (preconceived points of view).

I challenge you to learn Torah from rabbis who are not taking money from Christians.

I challenge you to learn Torah, without running around to search for sources which back up your hashqafah, while ignoring those which do not.

When you cite the Me'iri to justify your interactions with Christians, ask yourselves if he really does justify everything you do. Ask yourselves if you hold by him when if comes to other issues, such as business. I tend to doubt it.

This is like the time a Leftist anarchist cited the Satmar Rebbe z"l upon claiming that is was forbidden for us to settle the Land. I asked him if he held by the Satmar Rebbe when it came to women's issues, or even Shabbath and Kashruth. He responded with silence.

Think about the Teshuvah you claimed to do on Yom Kippur. Do not pick and choose like the Leftists do. Do the serious heshbon nefesh which is expected of you.

G'mar Tov.

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Ariel ben Yochanan said...

B"H - Well said. If you put this into Hebrew I can forward the link to a "Jewish" village, where missioneries are considered rightious gentiles by the rav and his followers there, because they "Love Us". (They also harvest millions of shekels worth of grapes for kosher wine I guess. This kind of an input also seem to help).

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