Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Machon Shilo Pre-Passover Conference

24 of the Twelfth Month 5772


The Machon Shilo Pre-Pesah Conference
Sponsored by Israel’s Ministry of Education and the Municipality of Jerusalem
With the Participation of the Ariel Torah Institutions and Makhon HaYerushalmi

Where: Mosdoth Ariel, 5 HaPisgah Rd., Jerusalem

When: 02-01-65 — 2 Nisan 5772 — 25 March 2012

Begins with Tefillath Minhah 4:50 pm Ends with Tefillath ‘Arvith 8:45 pm

Mr. R’uven Campagnano — The Talmud Y’rushalmi: A Window on Day to Day Life in Eress Yisrael

Rabbi Dov Lior, Chief Rabbi of Hevron-Qiryath ‘Arba — The Halakhic K’zayith: 3-5 cc (the Size of an Olive)

Rabbi David Bar-Hayim, Head of Machon Shilo — The ‘Olives’ of Galuth and the Writings of Rav Kook

Prof. Mord’khai Kislev, Bar-Ilan University — The Olives of Eress Yisrael Past and Present: Botanical, Historical and Archeological Perspectives

Rabbi Y’hoshua Bukh
, Makhon HaY’rushalmi — The Leavening Process, One Mil, or Four? Talmud Bavli vs. Talmud Y’rushalmi

• You’ve always known that a K’zayith had to be the size of an olive. You’ve always wondered how things could possibly have become so confused.

• Find out how this Halakha became distorted in the European Galuth.

• If you believe that the Torah is rational; if you understand that Halakha cannot be divorced from reality; if you feel that many Jews cannot relate to a Torah that just doesn’t make sense…

• …then please donate to Machon Shilo via the Pay pal button on the homepage of Machon Shilo to cover the costs of this ground-breaking event.

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