Sunday, March 18, 2012

Turkey To Israel: "We're Happy To Take Your Money, But We'll Criticize You Anyway."

24 of the Twelfth Month 5772
YNET: Turkey Calls On Israeli Tourists To Return
Speaking at Serbia Tourism Fair, deputy tourism minister says Antalia and Istanbul 'miss' Israeli tourism

Itamar Eichner, March 14, 2012

Turkish Deputy Minister of Tourism Ozgur Ozaslan expressed his hopes that return to Turkey. The government official spoke over the weekend with Israeli Ambassador to Serbia Yossef Levy.

"Antalia and Istanbul miss the Israeli tourists" said Ozaslan.

The two officials spoke during the opening event of the Serbian international tourism fair. The fair is hosting over 1000 presenters from 46 countries. This is the first time the Israel Ministry of Tourism is participating in the fair. Regardless, the guest of honor at the Serbian fair was Turkey - the most important destination for Serbian tourists. The opening event included a screening of a Turkish image video, and a traditional Ottoman dance.

During the fair, Deputy Minister Ozaslan met with the Israeli ambassador, and expressed his hopes for more cooperation between the countries in the future. "I hope the Israeli tourists will return to Turkey, we miss them," said the deputy minister.

Ambassador Levy replied that as soon as the good relations between the countries will be restored, tourism will flourish. "Israel tourists will probably return to Turkey when they will feel welcome and liked. Unfortunately this is not the situation today," he said.
Diplomat Levy was being VERY diplomatic, and WAY too nice, but was essentially correct.

Why should we even think about spending even one sheqqel in Turkey? (...or Jordan? ...or Egypt?)

They've all got some hutzpah, expecting us to return to their country to throw our money around, while they continue to criticize Israel's policy's and actions toward defending itself. The Turks cannot even guarantee our safety while we are there!

My advice to Israelis is to visit your own country first. There is lots to see here, and that includes a historical and educational.

Never been to Hevron? Shiloh? Tzfath? Tiveria? Naharia? Mitzpeh Ramon? How about the Golan?

The multiple sites, festivals, climates, and attractions of Israel await you!

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Chana said...

Turkey was high on the Israeli tourist list when it was cheap and welcoming. Now, not so much...

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