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The Secular Leftist Manifesto Spelled Out

8 of the Twelfth Month 5772

My Esser Agaroth commentary is interspersed in blue, for clarity's sake.
YNET: Say No To Jewish Hezbollah
Op-ed: Instead of drafting Haredim into army en masse, we should aim to reduce their birthrate

Yaron London, February 28, 2012

The doctors recommend that a maligned body part be cut off. The frightened patient turns to a witch doctor who promises full recovery. Some would feel better because of the placebo effect, yet physiology would quickly defeat psychology. The witch doctor’s medicine would prove to be worse than the illness.

Israeli society is sick. The illness is Jewish fundamentalism. National service to haredim who refuse to join the army is the medicine offered by the witch doctor. Yet there will be no wide-scale national service, and should it be established after all because of weak politicians, it would be corrupt and terribly expensive.

The weak politicians are on the right AND left, religious AND secular. The left continues to hock the Haredim about not doing their part for their "holy" State. They won't allow them to enlist in the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF], because they do not want their children exposed to the environment that religious soldiers would create. They do not want their children to be in an environment filled with minyanim, tefillin, and strict kosher and Shabbath observance.

The left will not allow a massive Haredi sherut le'umi (national service) enlistment either.

Why not?

If the left allows Haredi sherut le'umi, then they will be unable to implement their plan to brainwash indoctrinate them into secular, so-called "progressive," Israeli society. They believe such a society to be correct, yet they also desire to maintain their control,...desperately so.

What they do want is for the Haredim to be indoctrinated (Read: "brainwashed") into their assimilationist, anti-Torah world. The left is running scared. They know that they will eventually lose control.

Encouraging goyim to immigrate to Israel, and working to grant foreign workers citizenship has not been working fast enough for them, at least not as fast as the Erev Rav controlled government and Yaron London would like.
Moreover, such national service would not accelerate the entry of bums into the workforce. It would not produce reconciliation between seculars and haredim. Rather, the dispute between them would grow.

National service would not create peace in our midst because it does not provide a sense of justice. A year of work where haredim serve eight hours a day is not equal to a military service that lasts three years or more.

General Elazar Stern’s proposal to establish purely haredi regiments is even worse. The results of its implementation would be graver the more haredim join such units. The army of God will distinguish itself from the military at large and bow to the authority of officers who adhere to their rabbis’ directives.
Translation: "We have our eyes on you settlers who hold to Torah over State Law, as well."
Which rabbis will grant their patronage to haredi regiments? At best, it would be the rabbis of the large Lithuanian yeshivas; at worse, it would be radical clerics. The former would ensure strict adherence to Jewish law to the point of paralyzing God’s army. The latter would turn it into a Jewish Hezbollah.
What London and others, secular AND religious, do not realize is that Jewish Law covers how to run an army, a Jewish army, and not just "shabbos and kashrus shailos." The real threat to the Left is the knowledge of this, knowledge that Democracy (and deMOCKracy) are not true, Jewish forms of government, thus their need to apply the oxymoron "Jewish Democratic" state to the State of Israel. They do not want you to know that prophesy reveals that their reign will only be temporary, and that Torah will eventually be accepted as the "Law of the Land of Israel" that it is.

Their self-will is too powerful. If driving to the beach on Shabbath to eat barbequed shellfish is what they want to do, then who are the Haredim to them otherwise, let alone The Almighty Himself?!

They believe that their Western-progressive-maskili (secular intellectual), snooty "we know better than everyone else, including God" attitude justifies their double standards. In other words, Jews who DARE to adhere to God's Laws over the laws of their precious, "holy," anti-Torah state, when said laws are in conflict with one another, are terrorists (Hezbollah); whereas, the actions of various leftist organizations, such as ripping out trees in the Shomron and Yehudah (Judea & Samaria) days before the Shemitah (Sabbatical) Year, egging on Arabs to attack settler families, cutting down trees and severing water pipes near Arab villages, and then blaming settlers for it are totally acceptable.
Recipe for civil war
A modern state should not impose a service duty on work that can be undertaken by paid employees. We do not live in the feudal era where vassals were forced to dedicate some of their time to the needs of their landlords. The only anomaly is the art of war. Few would enlist should the State not make use of a measured blend of coercion and the impartation of values (sic.).
Imparting of values? Translation: "Indoctrination into what we believe to be a superior (secular) culture."
Values are imparted at home and through the education system. Coercion is only possible in totalitarian systems. As haredi education rejects a life of work and participation in defending the homeland, and as we cannot imprison tens of thousands of yeshiva students (and those pretending to be such,) and as national service would hold justice in contempt, and as purely haredi regiments are a recipe for an armed civil war, and as the haredi community mushrooms as result of natural growth – the national majority has no choice but to embark on a determined cultural war.
"Cultural war" is the key phrase here. I expect that we will begin seeing this phrase a lot more often in the Israeli news media. It is a little more palatable to most than "civil war," or the more severe Hebrew translation "war between brothers." Yet, it does the job that London and his ilk want done, to rile up secular Jews. But the real goal is to scare the hell out of those identifying as traditional, modern orthodox, or Religious Zionist.
Time is of the essence. Should the majority lose this war, the Zionist enterprise would be remembered as a short-lived historical episode.

There is no choice but to let the draft-dodging haredim be, but we should aim to reduce the number of their grandchildren. This is not an impossible mission. It is not an abusive mission either. This is a mission of salvation. The haredi camp grew because our enlightened society supported this growth. Society was wrong, and it should now correct this distortion.
Just what exactly is London proposing to reduce the numbers in the Haredim population?

Forced sterilization? Deportation? Freezing the aliyah (immigration) of Haredim? Former Minister of the Interior Avraham Poraz (Shinu'i) successfully froze the aliyah of the mostly right-wing, religious communities of Peru and Eastern India. Why not Haredim?

To that end, we must change the relative system of government. This system (on top of many other drawbacks stemming from it,) grants the haredi minority unfair influence on resource distribution and on the religious establishment’s relationship with the civilian state.

The kind of system of government we maintain is rare in enlightened states. Even Britain and the United States, the founding fathers of parliamentary democracy, forego strictly representative elections and grant the majority power that goes beyond its relative electoral strength.
There is that other buzz word "enlightened." It is always used, as if to say that Haredim are "primitive," or "unenlightened," or worse that to be enlightened by Torah is not enlightenment at all.

"Beyond its relative electoral strength" is another code phrase to watch out for. In other words, whenever Haredim, or anyone else they hate, begin to gain control, it is perfectly acceptable, in their heads, to cancel out that control by any possible means.
In political terms, only a centrist government that does not depend on the haredim would be able to erode the immense power of the haredi education system and affect the demographic trend. The urgency of this move must be recognized by the large secular parties. Something must be done, even before the next elections.
Although London makes a few good points about reformation of the system in the areas of labor and defense, I believe that his goals of the secular left include maintaining the barrier between various religious groups by promoting fear and hatred between them.

The Western/assimilationist, secular Left is running scared. With over 50% of Israeli third-graders identifying as religious, London and his hevre will not be the majority for long. In fact, every study attempting to pinpoint the average Israeli consistently result in the now, almost cliche, "Right of center, unwilling to give up more Land traditionalist."

In other words, London and his hevre are already NOT the majority.

Yet, as sneaky as London is with his words of concern for his "holy," completely non-Torah oriented state, he still one of the few from his cartel daring to reveal his true colors.

You do not even have to look too closely to see the secular, Leftist manifesto spelled out:

Eliminate Torah, eliminate true Jewish identity, eliminate any hopes of having true, Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel.

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