Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Home Game" (Film Recommendation)

5 of the Fifth Month 5769

This 12Tribe Films presentation about the expulsion of Jews from Netzer-Hazani was compiled mostly from video footage shot by the town's youth. It focuses on the basketball game played in Azza (Gaza) before the expulsion of Jews from their homes, and the handing over of their lands to the Yishma'eli (Arab) enemies.
( “Home Game” is a captivating new film that encapsulates the surreal story of normal teenagers trying to continue an annual basketball tournament during a very abnormal summer in Israel -- the summer of 2005 during the disengagement from Gaza. This powerful film emphasizes the journey of these teenagers and their determination to win against all odds, both on and off the court. "Home Game" tells part of the untold human story to a piece of Jewish history that was overshadowed by politics.

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Friday, 10 of the Fifth Month (Av) marks the fourth anniversary of the expulsion of Jews from Azza and the Northern Shomron (Samaria). This film is important to see during this week of the Fast of the Fifth Month (Tisha b'Av), setting the tone for the commemoration the Destruction of the Miqdash (Temple) with an all too recent Jewish tragedy falling on the same day.

The film is in Hebrew with English subtitles.

Additional Expulsion-related Videos:

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Batya said...

It ends up that I missed its being shown in Shiloh. I went to a film about hidden Jews in Portugal.

I'm sure you love to be tagged.

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