Friday, July 10, 2009

Pre-Shabbath Treat: Aharit Hayamim

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Pinhas 5769

For the past couple of weeks I have seen the lead singer from Aharith HaYamim playing in Shuq Mahaneh Yehudah. This afternoon he was playing an interesting Eastern stringed-instrument, along with recorded or synthesized bass and percussion. I wish I could have hung out for a while, but had to run.

Aharith HaYamim plays a lot of Reggae style music, particularly Jewish music which has been adapted. They also play music which has a Mizrahi feel to it. I am not so familiar with them, but hope to hear and see more of them. I certainly believe they deserve our support. So, check them out, and even visit the Shuq on Erev Shabbath.

You can find them on Facebook and MySpace, and in concert at the at the Aharith HaYamim Festival on 16 Av/August 6.

Here is a sample of Aharith HaYamim, performing at a recent wedding.

ירמיהו לג
י כה אמר יהוה,
עוד יישמע במקום-הזה, אשר אתם אומרים, חרב הוא מאין אדם ומאין בהמה--בערי יהודה, ובחוצות ירושלים, הנשמות מאין אדם ומאין יושב, ומאין בהמה. יא קול ששון וקול שמחה, קול חתן וקול כלה, קול אומרים הודו את-יהוה צבאות כי-טוב יהוה כי-לעולם חסדו, מביאים תודה בית יהוה: כי-אשיב את-שבות-הארץ כבראשונה, אמר יהוה.
Jeremiah 36
10 Thus saith the LORD: Yet again there shall be heard in this place, whereof ye say: It is waste, without man and without beast, even in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem, that are desolate, without man and without inhabitant and without beast, 11 the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voice of them that say: 'Give thanks to the LORD of hosts, for the LORD is good, for His mercy endureth for ever', even of them that bring offerings of thanksgiving into the house of the LORD. For I will cause the captivity of the land to return as at the first, saith the LORD.


NG said...

I love Aharit HaYamim. The first time I heard them was on the day I made Aliyah, on my way from the airport to Jerusalem. My friends played an AH song for me in the car and I immediately recognized, and started whistling along to, the melody from the Skatalites' Rockfort Rock. Needless to say, they were SHOCKED! Aharit HaYamim are also big Skatalites fans! I adore them.

Esser Agaroth said...

I may go down to check out the Aharith HaYamim Festival.

I don't really go to these kinds of things, because I can be a bit of a homebody/stick in the mud {not that there's anything wrong with that}. So I think it will be good for me to check it out.

He was really sailing away {as opposed to "rocking out"} on this guitar/lute/Indian looking thing. Sounded good.

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