Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Migron Compromise Is A Disgrace!

27 of the Twelfth Month 5772 Arabs Angered By Migron Agreement
Arabs who failed to prove that the community of Migron was built on private land say the compromise with the residents is "a disgrace."

Elad Benari
, March 21, 2012

The Palestinian Authority Arabs who claimed, with the help of leftist Peace Now, that the community of Migron in Binyamin was built on private land but who have failed to prove that claim, are now complaining about the compromise that has been reached with the residents.

The residents of Migron recently signed an agreement, brokered by Minister Benny Begin, according to which residents will be uprooted from their homes at the current site and will be moved to a permanent neighborhood on state land nearby.

The agreement calls for the community to be relocated to its permanent location, near the Psagot Winery, in two years' time. The present site will be handed over to the Civil Administration. The existing structures at the site will be torn down but a "public site" may be established at the location instead of a residential community.

In any case, the location of the present Migron will remain Jewish and will not be handed over to Arab control. (Read the entire report)

What do you know? The Arabs were actually right about something this time. The so-called compromise between them and the residents of Migron IS a disgrace. Albeit they were right, for completely the wrong reasons.

It does not matter that Migron residents will be able to set up new town near the P'sagot Winery, which is literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from the current location of Migron.

It does not matter if the Israeli government claims that "the location of the present Migron will remain Jewish and will not be handed over to Arab control."

What does matter is that the rights of Jews to their eternal homeland is being decided by Erev Rav courts and organizations like Peace Now, which receive a significant percentage of its budget from the Norwegian government. The Israeli government and the residents of Migron are sitting back and allowing it.

That is the disgrace.

I predicted way back in 2008, that some sort of deal would be struck between the residents of Migron and the government, in A Likely Story. Even though the YeSh"A (Judea & Samaria) Council denied it up and down. I have been following this very annoying story ever since.

One of the options, at the time,was to move the residents of Migron into spanking, brand new houses in the town of Adam, which lies next to the northern city limits of Jerusalem, a reward for "good behavior." You see, the residents of Migron are known mamlakhtim, undying State loyalists, even when Israeli law stands in conflict with Torah Law, something which has been happening increasingly more often.

Years ago, two of my friends were thrown out of Migron for passing out fliers. The fliers were invitations to the celebration of bringing a Sefer Torah into the beth k'nesseth (synagogue) on the Tapu'ah West hill. My friends were thrown out to the "crime" of having the image of murdered Rabbi Me'ir Kahane hy"d on the fliers. How dare the beth k'nesseth be named after his murdered son and daughter-in-law, Rabbi Binyamin and Talia Kahane hy"d!

That synagogue was later torn down, by none other than the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF], with a permit signed by an IDF "rabbi."

'Nuff said.

Such is the nature of Migron.
  • Refusal to to defy the Israeli government and its overly powerful courts in favor of God and His Torah.
  • Refusal to do battle with evil friends of Yishma'el (Arabs) who forsake our God-given Homeland, and who are puppets of Esau (Europe/The West), because ...they are misguided brothers and sisters who need to be treated with unconditional LOVE.
  • Disgusting treatment of kosher Jews who follow in the path of a ga'on (great scholar) and tzadiq (righteous Jew).
One thing about the mamlakhtim is that they have surprisingly good record on the opposing of Christians infiltrating the country. So, it will interesting to see how they deal with the Christian "volunteers," hosted by their new, next door neighbor, the P'sagot Winery.

We will have to wait and see. We will also have to wait and see what kind of fabulous home the residents of New Migron will receive, while Jews in towns just as old, and even older than Migron, continue to suffer in run down trailers.


Chana said...

"You see, the residents of Migron are known mamlakhtim, undying State loyalists"

Sounds like you oppose even the principle of compromise. For good or for better, civil government, zoning, the right of eminent domain, and all sorts of other things in the real world are based upon compromise.

You live in Yerushalayim, I see. Who are you then, to criticize the decisions of the citizens of Migron? It's easy to be tough and uncompromising about the lives, property, and homesteads of other people.

Whatever the outcome, I hope they are getting good legal and strategic advice. After what the government did to the residents of Katif, I'd want cash or a deal in hand first.

Esser Agaroth said...

For the record, I lived for 3 years in mostly mamlakhti Ofra, and for 5 years in K'far Tapu'ah.

Uri DeYoung said...

I realize that I'm over two years later here, but I'm going to comment anyway. I saw this linked to another more current post. I lived in Gush Katif for 14 years - 2 in Netzer Hazani and 12 in K'far Darom - and I've lived in Elon Moreh for what will be eight years in a few weeks on Succot. About seven years ago Migron held an event on Israeli Independence Day. I went with my family and wrote on the wall-sized sheet of paper Migron had put up as a sort of guest book that they should fight with all they had to hold onto their land and signed it as a former resident of Gush Katif.
Plenty of GK residents and communities had signed deals with the government. In the end they weren't worth much.
Some time, I forget how long, later a fellow GK expellee asked me to write a letter to the residents of Migron. Her brother had asked her to do it but she was tired, so she proofread my Hebrew and the letter was printed as an open letter in the Hebrew B'Sheva newspaper, the print version. I called on the residents of Migron to lead their own struggle because the Yesha Council had abandoned them, just like they had abandoned us, the residents of Gush Katif and the Northern Shomron.
There is no room for compromise when it comes to abandoning land in Israel.
It think this account is in my husband's name. I signed the letter in B'Sheva Hadassa DeYoung, in Hebrew of course.
Shana tova!

Esser Agaroth said...

Very interesting...

Did you get any responses to your article or to your message on the big sheet of paper??

Thanks for sharing this story.

Shannah Tovah!

Uri DeYoung said...

The paper was huge, full of signatures, children's drawings and what-not. I didn't expect anyone to notice what I wrote or to respond. My current neighbors in Elon Moreh and friends from K'far Darom thanked me for writing the letter in B'Sheva. I didn't receive a response from anyone in Migron.

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