Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another Reason Not to Help the Goyim

א' חנוכה תשע"ד

Israel Hayom: Health Ministry: Wounded Syrians may carry dangerous pathogens
Some 350 Syrians have been treated in Israeli hospitals, and the Health Ministry has found high levels of dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria among them • Official: The danger is that the germs could spread and cause serious infections in Israel.

Ran Reznik, November 26, 2013

A third of the Syrian patients wounded in the country's civil war and being treated in Israeli hospitals have been found to be carrying large amounts of dangerous pathogens that are rare in Israel and resistant to antibiotics, Israel Hayom has learned from senior medical officials and internal reports on the subject.

The bacteria, called carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae, can pass from patient to patient and be carried by hospital staff, and result in serious infections that are especially dangerous to older patients and those with weakened immune systems. One-third of patients infected by these bacteria fall seriously ill and some die. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Remember the polio scare this past summer? Israel's Ministry of Health went around vaccinating children with live polio virus. Well, traces of polio are still being detected in the Negev. And, just where

Well, I'm not usually one to point the finger, but...

From The World Health Organization
November, 2008
Sure, this is from 2008. But, unfortunately, the only change which needs to be made is that Israel must now be added to the list of countries reporting the presence of the polio virus, imported from,...gee, let me guess.

Israel has sent a massive aid mission to The Philippines, at great expense, and in this writer's opinion, great potential harm to its military.

And, now, we are importing a strain of antibiotic-resistant bacteria into Israel, so that we can continue our desperate, and fruitless, attempts to convince the "international community" that we are "OK" and that they should like us, if not love us?

Aren't the rockets and missiles pointed at us from Hamas in the south, Hezbollah and Syria in the north, and Iran in the east, enough? Do we really have to add to the threats on our lives and survival?

How very frustrating this is.


Anonymous said...

As per the Plagues: that's Cush [Ham aka Africa] and Hodu [Pishon River aka Indosphere] listed in Sefer Esther, correct?

Esser Agaroth said...

I suppose. That's a good point. But, I'm not sure how relevant it is.

I don't think that African refugees should be blamed for Polio. Rather, Israel should blame for letting them in, for Western-oriented reasons, and not for any Torah reasons, which might have prevented this situation.

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