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Shimon Peres on Jonathan Pollard; Esther Pollard Responds

ט"ו לחודש התשעי תשע"ד Esther Pollard heartbroken by Peres statement about Obama
Gil Hoffman, November 16, 2013

Jonathan Pollard
Wife of jailed Israeli agent responds to President's remark that Obama has responded favorably to all Israeli requests.

Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard’s wife, Esther, wrote President Shimon Peres over the weekend, complaining about a statement he made on Thursday that she said broke her heart.

Speaking at the Ben-Gurion Prize Awards in Tel Aviv, Peres praised the administration in Washington, saying: “There is no Israeli request that President [Barack] Obama has not responded to [favorably].”

Peres formally requested that Obama commute Pollard’s life sentence in April 2012, ahead of a June ceremony in Washington in which Obama gave Peres the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Obama has not responded formally to the request.

President Obama
Thursday marks the 28th anniversary of Pollard’s arrest.

“Particularly at this time – when my husband is about to enter year 29 in prison – your words, Mr. President, were like a knife in my heart,” she wrote.

“How can you dismiss Jonathan as if he does not exist? How can I tell this to Jonathan without devastating him? It would destroy what little is left of his health and morale to hear.”

Esther Pollard told Peres that American officials had told her that if he made a serious and unequivocal request for her husband’s release, Obama would respond favorably. She said that she saw his statements on Thursday and her husband’s continued incarceration as proof that Peres had not made a serious request.

Israeli President Peres
Did he, or didn't he?
“Should I tell Jonathan you have now confirmed what we have feared all along – that there never was a serious, compelling request for Jonathan’s release?” she asked. “That the issue really isn’t a priority for you? That you seem to have made it clear that as far as you are concerned, Jonathan is as good as dead, God forbid?”

She urged Peres to “invest your full stature in a just and humane compelling appeal” to Obama to release her husband.

“I am not asking you, Mr. President, for fancy declarations or public pronouncements,” she wrote. “The only thing that will prove to us that you have done what you need to do is Jonathan being here.”

National Council of Young Israel executive vice president emeritus Rabbi Pesach Lerner, who spearheads efforts for Pollard’s release in the US, noted that the Americans had no evidence against the agent when they arrested him, and only obtained evidence when then-prime minister Peres ordered the return of all US documents that Pollard had passed to Israel – with his fingerprints still on them.

“Israel has the dubious honor of being the first and only country in the world to cooperate in the indictment and prosecution of its own agent,” Lerner said. “It would go a long way toward making amends if Peres would do whatever is necessary to bring Jonathan home now, alive.”

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I think we need to ask ourselves these questions, questions which I have broached many a time:

"Does Shimon Peres really want Jonathan Pollard released?"

How does Jonathan Pollard sit in prison for a "crime," when most everyone else in the U. S., having committed the same "crime" is released after five years?

And, my new "favorite" question, "How does Shimon Peres manage to return all US documents that Pollard had passed to Israel – with his fingerprints still on them?" Were his fingerprints actually in tact? Did it matter?

Does Jonathan Pollard know something(s) which others do not want him to reveal? 

Inquiring minds want to know.


Anonymous said...

"Jonathan Pollard, Jonathan Pollard, who cares about Jonathan Pollard when we can get other things from the States like dollars and UNSC vetos. Are you comfy with giving up on dollars and UNSC vetos? Where my next Suburban will come from?" The Zionist

Unknown said...
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Politicsgirl101 said...

No Peres seems to be thinking this, "Jonathan Pollard, who CARES about Jonathan Pollard, screw him, he's trash, he's GARBAGE, I have my medal, that's WAY more important than THAT piece of garbage! I hope he dies in jail!"

Now 2 things
1. This isn't my true belief, this is what to ME, Shimon Peres believes!
2.I can't believe that Jonathan Pollard actually forgave Shimon Peres, I most certainly wouldn't!

Esser Agaroth said...


Thanks for commenting.

Granted, Peres believes himself to be above reproach.

But, I stand by my statement. Peres does not want Pollard to reveal certain pieces of information.

Politicsgirl101 said...

Right about that too, too much of a COWARD to face the music)

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