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Dan the Man and the Deal with Iran

כ"ג לחודש התשעי תשע"ד

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I must say that the interviewer did a pretty good job, in spite of his quite noticeable need for improvement with proper intonation while speaking English. He asks very pointed, and yet simple, straightforward questions, about the disagreement between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, about the threat to Israel regardless of any "deal," based on Iran's rhetoric, and the silence of the U. S. government on this matter.

The following graphic pretty much summarizes the so-called "deal" with Iran.

Image Credit: Positively Republican
Ambassador Shapiro answered all of these questions in typical, diplomatic fashion, representing his people's elected government to perfection.

Ambassador Shapiro is wrong about a few things. President Obama does not give a damn about Israel, or the Jewish People.

He was also wrong to quote Samantha Power, of all people, the U. S. Ambassador to the United Nations, to support his position. However, like Iran, Power also seems to want Israel's destruction, only with a slightly different outcome. Her vision would put Esau in control of the region; Iran's vision would put Yishma'el in control of the region.

Here is a video of Power, in which she broaches the issue of an invasion of Israel.

1:37 "Major human rights abuses?" Hmmm... I guess that Samantha Powers means this term to apply only to Arabs. Jewish babies are just collateral damage resulting from "Palestinian freedom fighting?"

1:50 "Requires external intervention?" Who the hell is she? For that matter, who the hell is the U. S. to decide upon "external intervention?"

2:34 Comparing Israel to Rwanda? When on earth does Powers get information? Or maybe, she has already made up her mind, and sees, hears and believes what she wants to see, hear, and believe.

2:40 "Lesser evils?" And apparently, Powers gets to decide what those are.

2:44 "Human stakes?" Arabs who want to annihilate Jews, and not only wipe Israel off of the map, but erase from the history books are the only humans at stake. For good sakes! When are my fellow Jews going to wake!
Power doesn't make a terribly good reference to support Ambassador Shapiro's position, does she?

Meanwhile, it looks as if Arabs may save our proverbial tuchuses, yet again, as the Saudi Prince says they will not sit idly by. Let's just pray, that while Yishma'el does the job of defeating itself, that it does not make too much of a mess, including radioactively.

Regardless of this deal or that deal with the enemy (They are all bad for Israel.), I would like to know which is Ambassador Shapiro's people, the position of whose elected government he defended so well?

Anytime Israel has a Jewish Ambassador from the U. S., it reminds me of a famous interchange between U. S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and then Prime Minister Golda Meir.
Kissinger said that he was Secretary of State first, an American next, and a Jew after that. Meir replied that here in Israel, we read from right to left.
I wonder how Dan Shapiro identifies himself. Maybe he believes that he is doing a service to his Land and People by serving as U. S. Ambassador, working within the system, or helping to make "deals," which are supposedly stepping stones to more "deals." But which is his land, and which are his People?

To me he's just another "American" guy (Read: "degree of assimilation"), who routes for his local football team. Unfortunately, he is on the wrong side, even when the U. S. appears to agree with Israel.

One of the greatest challenges the Jewish People must meet today include the complete acceptance that our homes in galuth (exile) are temporary, that we are part of one People, and no other, and that our only

Galuth is a punishment. And, I see that part of this punishment is its effect on our mentality, distancing ourselves even further from each other, and from where we belong. Galuth has caused us to forget this.

Whether you, or Dan Shapiro, believes this to be a fantastic deal with Iran, or a really crappy one, it is irrelevant.

The more important questions are...
1. Why is there a Jewish ambassador, representing the U. S. to Israel?

2. What are Jewish organizations and "rabbis" in the U. S. doing to educate our children that they belong to one people, one people alone, and how we can re-unify?

3. What are Jewish organizations and "rabbis" in the U. S. doing to get Jews out of Iran?
There are many more questions for you to ask yourselves, and your local "Jewish Leaders."

But, these will do for now.

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