Tuesday, November 05, 2013

News Flash! Bulldozers on their Way to Bat Ayin! (Update)

ב' לחודש התשעי תשע"ד

I just received a call from a friend from Bat Ayin, a town southwest of Jerusalem, after Efrat.

He was on the bus leaving the town, when he called. He said that bulldozers were on their way to the town, although he was not sure if they were on their way to Bat Ayin A' or Bath Ayin B'.

His understanding that home destruction is imminent, and/or is being expediated in retribution for an incident which took place yesterday.

Teens would allegedly involved in an incident with Arabs. The defended themselves with pepper spray, and some of that pepper spray made its way toward Israeli soldiers [IDF].

Many details are missing from this report.

I am asking for additional information to confirm or discount this report. Please leave your information in the comments section below.

And, if this is true, why doesn't the YeSh"A Council put out a call for assistance to protest this move on the part of the government?

Is Bat Ayin to be left hanging in a lurch because it is not considered one of those "undying State-loyalist" (mamlakhti) ie. "well-behaved" settlements?

Stay tuned.


דיוח כוחות גדולים פושטים על בת עין וחוסמים הכניסה זה כנראה תג מחיר של האירוא עם הגז מדמיע מקיפים בית בתפר בין א לב'. התושבים חסומים למעלה 2 אוטובוסים יס"מ ומספר שופלים.. הורסים התחלות בניה הרסו לפחות בית אחד בסיבוב לפני בת עין ב עדכון ממישהו בשטח: כ200 שוטרים ועשרים חברה. הרסו בית של מישהו מתקוע שעוד לא נכנס ומנסים להרוס את גבעת רחבעם שאחרי בת עין ב. אי אפשר להגיע עם טרקטור אז הורסים בידיים

It is reported that a great number of forces have raided Bat Ayin and have blocked the entrance. This is probably due to a "price tag" for what occurred with the tear gas attacked on a home between Bat Ayin A' and B'.

Residents blocked two buses filled with Yassamniks (riot police) and several power shovels. They have destroyed new building, and have destroyed at least one home outlaying Bat Ayin B'.

Update from someone in the area:
Around 200 police officers and 20 "hevreh" have destroyed one home of someone from Teqo'a, who had yet to move into it, and are trying to destroy Rechaboam Hill, which lies after Bat Ayin B'. It is impossible to get in with a tractor, so the destruction is by hand.


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Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks. I still be Arutz 7 to it, but I guess that's a big deal, and have limited resources, I suppose.

Where's the Yesha (AKA Pesha, AKA Resha, AKA Yeshu) Council to protest?


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