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Machon Shilo: Pesah Links

Mossa'ei Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Wayiqra 5769

Machon Shilo

P'saq Din:
Permissibility of All Jews in Eretz Yisra'el to Eat Qitniyoth During Pesah

For English, click the title to read the response to the following question from a recent oleh (immigrant to Israel). The answer covers more than the issue of qitniyoth, and may very well surprise you:
Are we bound to Ashkenazi custom concerning Kitniyot?

Question: My family made Aliyah from the States in August 2006. We are Ashkenazim. The following Pesach I asked the Rav of our Yishuv if we could eat Kitniyot as taking on the custom of Eretz Yisrael etc. and he said no. Are we bound by this answer and is there a way to change our minhag? I feel strongly about this issue.

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"Qitniyoth to Qorban Pesah" (English)
Hear what some commentators say about the minhag of Askenazi Jews refraining from qitniyoth (kitniyot) on Pesah. Learn that the Tur calls this minhag "unnecessary" and why Rabbeinu Yoruham calls it "foolish, idiotic". Learn the real halakhic basis for a minhag and when it is binding. (Click here to download source sheet - Hebrew)

"Is Qorban Pesah Feasible?" (English)
Learn why the Ramba"m holds that it is a mitsvah today to bring a Pesah sacrifice on Har Habayit. Hear how the Hatam Sofer debunks the most common myths and obstacles. (Click here to download source sheet - Hebrew)

"Do Not Sell Your Hametz at Pesah!" (English)
Hear why a fictitious sale - in which you don't really mean to sell your hametz - doesn't work. Learn why you shouldn't buy hametz that has been "sold" during Pesah or why you should not sell your hametz.

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LB said...

Good! I like the לא תדגודדו reason. I had never heard that before, though I have thought it (for many things - not just פסח).

Milhouse said...

Sorry, he's just wrong about mechirat chametz. The sale is absolutely real and binding, and there's no reason to doubt it. If the goy should decide to keep the chametz and not sell it back, the owner would be delighted. The only reason we buy the chametz back after Pesach is that without that prospect no goy would be willing to buy it from us in the first place.

As opposed to the sale of land for Shemittah, where the owner really doesn't intend to sell, and if the Arab should refuse to sell it back at the end of the year there would be problems. And he has a chutzpah to cast doubt on it when far greater chachamim than him endorsed and practised it.

Esser Agaroth said...


Millhouse, why don't you address the issue with RBH himself?

If he's wrong, then do you not have the misswah of Tochahah?

Did you listen to the shi'ur?

He's not against the sale of hametz, and assisted others in this manner as well, as explained by the Ramba"m and others. His issue is with the way it's done by many people.

He also has even more problems with heter michirah, if that answers your question about shemitah.