Monday, March 09, 2009

Purim In Hevron 5769

Hag HaPurim 5769

Well, my sources (my neighbors) report that this year's attempt to read Megillath Esther at Dr. Baruch Goldstein's HY"D grave was anticlimactic. It was declared a "closed military zone," and that was that.

One a year, the guys from K'far Tapu'ah make the "pilgrimage" down to Hevron for Pruim and the anniversary of Baruch Goldstein's death, where everyone attempts to "get along," and they generally do.

This year, I am working in Jerusalem, and so will keep Purim the following day (Shushan Purim) the first time I've done that in seven years.

Ma'arath MakhpellahThe Megillah is read by Rabbi Ido Elba, the Rosh Kollel of Ma'arath Makhpellah (Cave of the Patriarchs). Rabbi Elba spent two and a half years in jail for, none other than,...daring to write an article about Halachah.

Sure, the article was about when it is OK to kill goyim, and was included in the highly controversial, memorial book Baruch HaGever. But did they have to put put him in jail for writing an hallachic article?

His son, and former student of mine, Mordechai described for me what it was like to have to visit his father in jail,...not what your typical nine year old calls fun.

As I said, it was reported to me that this evening's festivities were anticlimactic. Please comment below, if you heard differently, say if there were any "scirmishes," involving our valiant "hilltop youth."

The highlight of the evening was "Officer" Schlein. He was a big hit. But, you'll have to write in to get the details on that one!

Hag Purim Same'ah!


JoeSettler said...

Liveblogging Purim at the Muqata.

Batya said...

Do you think that the Jews of Persia would have supported jailing Mordechai?

BrooklynHabiru said...

בירור הלכות הריגת גוי מאת הרב עידו אלבה

Esser Agaroth said...

Funny how you got this from the JTF Hebrew forum, as I am banned from the English one.

Maybe I'll try to sneak on the Hebrew one.

Anyway, the link leads you to the article I mention that Rav Ido sat in jail for.

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