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Tapu'ah K-9 Unit Update

12 of the Twelfth Month 5769

From Yekutiel Ben-Ya'akov....

Dear Tapuach K-9 Unit supporter,

Here’s an update to keep you apprised of some of the more important goings-on with the dog program.

First, we recently sent two of our better dogs south of Jerusalem to a bloc of settlements called Gush Etzion. After several infiltrations by Arabs, the local Chief of Security contacted us, and we immediately set about augmenting his existing security regimen.

In addition, we arranged regular on-site training for the group with a new outfit from Tel Aviv. They now work regularly with the dogs, and their patrols have succeeded in eliminating the number of attempted incursions since the program began.

Next, we are currently being sought after by security professionals in Kiryat Arba, Adam and a Yeshiva in Itamar to duplicate our initial successful program model in Tapuach. These communities are interested in everything from starting courses to building kennels, raising funds and organizing volunteers to guard their communities and institutions. They have all requested the unique training system developed in Tapuach and the best possible dogs for patrol and emergency response contingencies. We have a great number of applicants for the new course offerings already.

OscarThird, in response to the growing demand for new programs, we have set in motion the process to purchase a number of top flight canines from a number of prestigious European kennels. These dogs will have breeding papers that vouch for their pedigree, and will thereby allow us to breed our own high-level service dogs for the long term. This development should not be underestimated. Our ability to supply dogs with the best instincts and physical competencies will mean tremendous savings financially and better protection for Jews in Israel.

Finally, in Tapuach we have four permanent residents who own and maintain high level canines, and who regularly attend the refresher courses that we offer throughout Judea and Samaria to former participants in our programs. These courses review and develop dogs and handlers on a more individual basis and are offered at subsidized rates.

A breakdown of the overall general costs of our programs looks as follows:

Six new dogs will cost $60,000.

A new kennel will run between $20,000 and $30,000 depending upon its size and in which location we ultimately choose to build.

The course for new trainees will last between 3 and 6 months (depending upon the frequency of the sessions) and will cost $30,000.

To sum, we are still as dedicated as ever to expanding our patrol programs because we know that they save lives. There is no technology that has been invented to date that can substitute for a patrol dog with a well trained handler in locating and neutralizing terrorists. There is no technology that can see behind rocks, through fog and clouds or at night, and then instantly zoom in to aid in neutralizing the threat. A dog will.

The tragic story of Rabbi Shlomo Miller HY“D, Chief of Security in Itamar, speaks directly to the need for more highly trained canines and handlers. Had he a dog to release before he exited his bullet proof vehicle, the terrorist would either have been neutralized or the dog would have been killed. At least in the latter case the source of fire could have been determined and proper cover could have been taken. As it was, the brave Security Chief leaped from his car in pursuit of the sniper and was shot nearly instantly.

We have every reason to believe that in these days of Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s presidency that Jews will come under increasing fire from their enemies, as the Arab world grows emboldened by the changing of the guard in the White House. It’s for this reason that we have to be vigilant. It’s for this reason that we must remain dedicated to the expansion of the single most effective weapon available against terror: a well trained guard dog and handler.

I know times are rough; however, we urge you to continue your generous support.

In the merit of your support may you and your family be blessed with health, wealth and happiness!

With love of Israel,
Yekutiel ben Yaakov (Mike Guzofsky) Moshe Cohen

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