Friday, August 21, 2009

Battling The Erev Rav Mentality,...Again

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parshath Shofetim 5769

An Open Letter to the "Jew," or rather the "un-Jew," who identifies with the liberal, cultural elite of Europe and North America:

As Rav Kahane hy"d has said, Jews have been attempting to fit in with the goyim through assimilation, since at least 1400's Spain. We act like the goyim; we adopt goyshe, cultural ideals. Yet it hasn't worked. So, let's try to live like Jews.

How do Jews live? They follow the Torah. The Torah guides EVERY aspect of our lives, including how to run a Jewish government and how to deal with goyim. The Torah is not just there to answer your Kashrus shailos.

You appear to be confusing Western values and sensibilities with Torah values and sensibilities. There are not one in the same, not at all. This so typical of the American, Ashkinazy-centric, galuth (diaspora) mentality, totally clueless of the influence of 2000 years of struggling to survive amongst the goyim,...often having to do so by assimilating.

The values of Jews from Arab countries and countries farther east are meaningless, because after all, EVERYONE knows that Western, liberal culture is far superior to any other culture. After all, it is "enlightened" and "progressive."

Liberals talk about accepting Arab culture, but truth is they really want to fit them into a Western cultural box. In Israel, Ben Gurions of the world (ie. Maskilim) did this to our own, forcing Eastern Jews to fit into the Western "gotta have a college degree," "gotta wear pants like the goyim" culture.

The last few hundred years have been the toughest on us. And you wonder why the Haredim have chosen to insulate their communities? This is why: To keep their kids far away from you. After generations of pseudo-conversions and unapologetic intermarriage, just how many of you are Jewish anyway?

Here are a few additional points to combat the myths you have been indoctrinated to believe:

1. There is no democracy in the Torah. Now that we are here, we are commanded to appoint a king, build the Beth HaMiqdash (The Temple), set up a Sanhedrin, and destroy Amaleq. (pretty politicall-incorrect, huh?)

2. Jews did not take any addition land not apportioned to them. It is all ours to conquer, and those goyim not accepting missim, avduth, and the 7 Misswoth No'ah... well, just take a look at Bamidbar 33:54-56.

3. According to Torah Law, the only law a real Jew should be concerned about, is that all members of a people have a joint status. All members of a people which are enemies are enemies. The only exceptions are those who stand up to their own leadership and declare that what they're doing to Israel is wrong.

4. Attempting to unify Esau (the West) and Yishma'el (the Arabs) and forsaking the Land (sound familiar?) are two significant signs of membership in the Erev Rav, the false converts who came with us out of Egypt, and who have been causing us trouble ever since. Think on this.

Word Of Advice:
Act like Jew, learn what it is to be a Jew, or leave us alone to work toward Ge'ulah (Redemption). Stick around North America with the rest of the 80 percent who won't make it out of Galuth this time,...just like the 80 percent who stayed in Egypt.

May The Almighty save you,...from yourselves.

Shabbath Shalom.


smb said...

Sadly, many don't understand that only Torah will help us during this time. As it says, the more learning, the more peace.
Great vid here about

Devorah Chayah said...

Amen! Good job!

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