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Disproving Christianity In 10 Minutes

ערב שבת קודש פר' שמות תשע"א

Even I was amazed when I happened upon the following information, putting Christian mythology into proper perspective.

The sources of Christian mythology can be traced back to several other “religions,” which predated Christianity by 1,000's of years, religions such as those from Egypt, Babylon, and Phoenicia.
The comparisons are amazing!

First, take a look at the parallels between Christianity and Ancient Egyptian beliefs. Comparisons with Babylonian and Persian mythologies follow.

Christian Mythology
Yesh”u was the “son,” born to a virgin, Mary. He was born in Beth-Lehem (House of Bread), and his birth was marked by a star. Gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh were brought to him at his birth. He was referred to as “The Morning Star,” and identified with a lamb.

He was also called the “child teacher in the temple,” as well as the “good shepherd,” identified with a cross, and called the “christ.”

He was described as “the truth and the way,” was baptized at the age of 30, and had 12 disciples. Seven fish were aboard a boat with him, and he was tempted on a mountain by Satan.

Now, let's take a look at another tradition of mythology, one which predates Christianity by thousands of years.

Egyptian Mythology
Horus was the “son,” born to a virgin, Isis. He was born in Annu (Place of Bread), and his birth was marked by a star. He was referred to as “The Morning Star,” and identified with a lamb.

He was also called the “child teacher in the temple,” as well as the “good shepherd,” identified with a cross, and called the “krist.”

He was described as “the way, the truth and the light,” was baptized at the age of 30, and had 12 followers. Seven people were aboard a boat with him, and he was tempted on a mountain by Set.

Babylonian Mythology
Also predating Christianity, by 1000's of years, Babylonian mythology gave birth to Tamus (or Nanus). He was born to Nimrod, symbolized by a fish (Ichthus, like Yesh”u), and Samiramus. When he died, a stone was rolled over his tomb. Three days later, his corpse disappeared. Sound familiar?

The Christian version has Yesh”u dying, and then rising three days later.

Persian Mythology
Then there is the myth of Mithra. Mithra the “son,” and symbolized by a lion, was born to a virgin mother. Gold, frankincense and myrrh were brought upon his birth. He held the keys to heaven, and died to save humanity from its sins.

The evidence is incontrovertible. Christianity is a mish-mash of begged, borrowed, and stolen mythologies which came before it.

So, how could so many people have been duped into believing in Christianity? Anyone picking up an ancient history textbook could not possibly continue believing in such copycat mythology.

I asked a convert to Judaism this question. As a former Christian, and a very knowledgeable one at that, her response was that people are simply unaware of this history. She said that she had also wondered how so many people could follow a religion with such holes in its reasoning. She also pointed out that Islam, too, had millions of followers.

Little do most people know, and little do most Christians want to admit, Christianity did not happen overnight. Formulated by a group of Jews who rejected The Almighty's Torah sheb'al Peh (Oral Torah), deciding that they knew better, Christianity began as a socio-political movement, which grew and developed over many years.

It got a boost when Judaism was becoming popular among Romans, whose dying religion had failed them. For the Romans, Torah was a beacon, beaming the light of a sense of family and of a moral code. They were attracted to Jewish places of worship, yet were stopped from making the final leap of conversion, due the requirement of brith milah (entrance into the covenant through ritual circumcision), among others. The Romans still held onto the Greek idea of the perfection of the body. They could not let this go, and thus neither could they let go of a tiny piece of unnecessary skin.

Enter “Paul” ysh”u, a supposed convert to Judaism. (With his crazy ideas, the fitness of his “conversion” must be called into question.) Nevertheless, Paul gave the Romans an out, a “new covenant.” The “old law” was just that,...old. Eat whatever you want, and keep your foreskin. The Romans were sold, and the Roman Empire was now in great danger. It had to adapt and transform or risk a horrible death.

As you can see, the Roman Empire has survived for thousands of years, as it made the choice to adapt and transform, instead of dying. Of course, now it goes by a different name. The European Union.
I heard one great question to begin the journey down the road of disproval:
Jew: “If god was Yesh”u's father, as you claim, then to which tribe did he belong?Missionary: “Judah.”Jew: “How so? If God was his father, then he was not the member of any tribe. And, thus, he could not have been a decedent of King David, as Christians claim.”

Of course, Christians have various ways of rationalizing their way out of such logical conundrums. They are experts at this. They are Esau/Edom/Rome. The Midrash states that they are represented by the pig in the list of four non-kosher animals in Parashath Shemini (Lev. ). The first three listed not kosher due to their limbs. They represent the three kingdoms previous having dominion over Am Yisra'el. The pig is not kosher due to the lack of chewing its cud. Interestingly enough, the pig sits with its forelegs sticking out for all to see that they are “kosher.” It even makes a chewing movement with its mouth, fooling people into thinking it is actually chewing its cud, when it is not. In other words, the pig is the quintessential liar.

The Christian, false messiah was most likely a composite figure, and one which developed over time. Even co-dependent Jews (“non-Jews, please like and accept us!”) insist that he is mentioned in the Talmud. Tell me. Which character would that be? The yeshivah drop-out who goes down to Egypt to learn magic? Or the other guy who lived in the year 200 C. E.?

These same Jews are afraid to tell you that Yesh”u, the name for their false messiah in Hebrew used by Jews, is not quite the Yeshu'a (“salvation”) Christians think. It is an acronym for Yemakh Shemo WeZikro (May his name and memory be blotted out!).

Of course, it's not. The lying Esau is constantly changing, adapting its trickiness to survive within a constantly changing atmosphere. In one era, they express their hatred toward Jews by persecuting and killing us. In the next era, they are clinging to us, attempting to convince us of a faithful alliance against the common enemy of Yishma'el (Arabs/Muslims). We Jews, originating from the West, speak like them, dress like them, carry their names, call ourselves Western, and often identify with them more than with our brothers coming back from exile amongst the Yishma'elim-Arabs (e.g. Iraqi, Persian, Syrian, Yemenite Jews).

Meanwhile, Esau is staking out claims within the Jewish Homeland. They are now in the Shomron (Samaria), “volunteering” their time and efforts to help Jews who do not see the danger.

Avodah Zarah (Forbidden Worship)
The misswath lo ta'aseh of “Lo Tehonem” (Deut. 7) is clear. We are forbidden to do anything which aids their ability to remain in the land (Ramba”m, Hil. Avodah Zarah 10).

Even those Jews who do not accept that they are ovdei avodah zarah (HaShem only knows why!), must accept that if we are required to keep our distance even from Gerei Toshav, in order to minimalize their influence on us, then, qal we'homer, we must distance ourselves from Christians, who are clearly not Gerei Toshav, a status which only be conferred when Yovel (Jubillee) is in effect. (Ramba”m, Hil. Shemitah wiYovel 10:11-12)

However, Esau never seemed to have accepted HaShem's will for Ya'aqov, apparently never satisfied with just Mount Se'ir as an inheritance. Esau even tried to lay claims to Ya'aqov's burial plot in Hevron, the response to which was one of his grandsons, Hushim Ben-Dan, cut his off....

Over the past 40 years or so, Christians have changed their strategy (yet again), moving toward what is called “replacement theology.” They have attempted to Jude-ize Christianity, employing their sometimes greater knowledge of Hebrew than the typical, assimilated, North American Jew.

They claim to reject many of the recent manifestations of Christianity of the last several hundred years. They have caught on to the notion of avodah zarah, and they even have the hutzpah to quote the Ramba”m, who says point blank that their beliefs and practices are forbidden! They obviously missed the part where he says that Yesh”u was a false messiah.

We no longer have to have rely on texts of the Talmudim and the Ramba”m's Mishneh Torah, which were censored by Christians long ago, as we now have greater access to both older versions as well versions brought from Yemen and areas of the world which have been out of reach of Christian/Western influence. (Why many Jews continue to study these censored texts is beyond me!)

The Christians employment of the phrase/acronym aku”m (worshipers of stars and constellations) whenever avodah zarah (practitioners of foreign worship) is mentioned, or whenever an non-Jew is mentioned in a manner unattractive to them, or inserting “Romans” as a replacement for “Christians” are only a few of the examples Christian lies, begun centuries ago, lies which no longer hold weight, since such censorship has been broken through.

Don't worry about these Christians, though. They will tell you that they have nothing to do with those Catholics (& Lithuanians, etc.) who censored Jewish texts. They reject Christmas trees, and other pagan manifestations of Christianity. No, these Christians are “different.” These Christians want to be our “friends.”

There are those who now claim that Yesh”u is no longer not the proverbial “Son of God,” but the Mashiah nonetheless (Has weHallilah!), even though he/they is/are long since dead. Sound familiar? It should. Chabba”d Messianism is a probable source for this current manifestation (adaption & transformation).
Christian tourists in Israel just have to look toward the Ukraine on Rosh HaShannah to see Breslover Hassidim and Na Na Niks (leHavdil) dancing around the grave of their Rebbe, to get support and validation for their visits to Beth-Lehem, Natzrath, and Jerusalem.

“Hebrew Christians,” so-called “10-Tribers,” pseudo-”Efraimites,” who would not know a true Efraimite, if it came up and smacked them in the face, are simply new adaptions and transformations of the lying pig from Parashath Shemini (Lev. ) mentioned above. There are American, "Christian Zionists" north of Jerusalem, who actually believe they are Benjaminites, who will eventually "inherit" plots of land, along side of the Jews, when the U. S. A. falls.

There are even Christians who have falsely converted to Judaism or lied to the “Sanhedrin” to receive validation as a Ben-No'ah (a keeper of the 7 Noahide Laws - See Gen. 9), all so they can sneak into Israel, stake their claims on the Land, and continue their sneaky work of stealing unsuspecting, Jewish souls. Some even brag about it on their websites!

So, to you Jews, who do not want to accept that Christians have the status of ovdei avodah zarah, remember that, even today, their beliefs are based on miniyuth and kefirah b'Torah sheb'al Peh. The severity of these should be enough to recognize the spirirual dangers of having any associations with these people.

As Rabbi Meir Kahane hy”d said to the Christians, “If you want to support us, support us from afar. If you come here [Israel] to missionize, we'll have to....” (Those who need to know, already know the end of the sentence. Those who want to know, can search for it.)

That is the ultimate goal of all Christians getting their fingers into Israel, whether they say so, or not.

My fellow Jews must all realize this, before it is too late!

Now to give credit where credit is due. The video below of a lecture on religious symbolism by David Icke puts all of the above into perspective in less than 10 minutes.

Set aside, for a moment, some of the other things David Icke is known for preaching. His understanding of Hebrew and etymological connections to other languages is also off. Yet, his logic in this particular area is right on. He takes from purely historical and anthropological sources, sources which can be easily verified by picking up a textbook or two.

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