Thursday, December 23, 2010

Teens Suspected Of Attacking Arabs

Erev Shabbath Qodesh Parashath Shemoth 5771

YNET: Teens Suspected Of Attacking Arabs

Yair Altman, December 21, 2010

Jerusalem Police arrest seven youths on suspicion of assaulting young Arab men in capital's Independence Park after having teenage girl seduce them, lead them to meeting point. Police say youths confessed their acts nationalistically-motivated. (Read the full article...)

Well, I certainly appreciate the passion of these kids. I would not tell them to go ahead and do such a thing again (a-hem!). But, I would also certainly not tell them not to, either.

More importantly, I would like to ask something which I have asked before. Where are the adults? Why aren't they doing what needs to be done, so that our children do not have to go out and take such action? Where are the protests? What are the proposed laws in K'nesseth to protect our children from intermarrying? Where is the so-called "democratic process" which actually listens to the people?

Well, at least there has been one recent protest.

We have seen countless times, that the Israeli Government, including the High Courts, is not in the least bit interested in halakhah (Jewish Law). But, if members of said government continue to insist that we live in a democracy, then they should at least act like we are. Listen to the people! Prevent our children from intermarrying,...or worse, or allow us to do something about it. (See Ramba"m, Hil. Avodah Zarah 10 for starters)

As a teacher, I am afraid for these kids, just like their parents must be, and of what they may end up having to endure.

The fear these kids, and their parents, should have is not just be about going to jail. After all, that experience would be mainly physical.

No. What they should fear is any "re-education" recommended for these kids, either in jail, a special school, or in a specially-designed unit in the IDF.

Continued attempts of indoctrination into a Western-friendly, anti-Torah society, that is what we should all be afraid of.

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