Monday, December 13, 2010

No, They Cannot Stay!

7 of the Tenth Month 5771
IsraelNN:Are African Infiltrators the Same as Jewish Refugees?

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 6 Teveth / December 13, 2010

Activists for granting asylum to tens of thousands of African infiltrators are trying to compare their status with that of Jews who sailed to Israel under the British Mandate.

The comparison of Africans, some of whom have fled Darfur but most of whom simply are looking for a better life, to Jews who sailed on illegal immigrant ships from post-Nazi Europe follows the activists’ “human rights” march last Friday on behalf of the Africans. (Read more...)

Let other African countries take them in. Let African-Americans send them aid. I really do not care.

People want to consider these "refugees" as the same as those Jews attempting to enter Israel, both before and after the Holocaust. When confronted with the abhorrent treatment those Jews received, their response is that as Jews, we must rise above that, and do the right thing, even if it was not done to us.


First off, these refugees wanting to come to Israel is NOTHING like Jews desiring to come to Israel. Why don't these refugees settle for another country closer to home?

Because they know that we here in Israel are FREIERIM (Heb.: suckers). Sure, maybe they also see us as ba'alei hessed (kind & helpful), but they also know they would get much better treatment than in Egypt or Ethiopia.

Even without ulterior motives, these Darfurians desire to come to Israel is nothing like the Kurds' desire for a united Kurdistan, Macedonian autonomy from Serbia, or even a Frenchman's rejection of a proposed European Union Constitution.

Even more so, the Jewish People's connection to Israel is one ordained by HaQadosh Barukh Hu (The Holy One Blessed Be He), unlike ANY other people's connection to its homeland.

But, that is not even the point. Jewish Law dictates specifically who may come to reside in Israel, and who may not.

These "refugees" do not qualify as such. Even if they did, the status of "ger toshav" (resident alien) cannot without "Yovel" (Jubilee Year) in force.

Two of the reasons we are instructed not to allow such individuals from living among us, are so that we do not marry with them, and so that they cannot influence us.with their non-Jewish practices and cultures which are incompatible with Torah.

Even if one were to make the case that they could stay temporarily, they should be kept away from us. If "refugee" camps are used for Arabs, then why not them? Why allow them to run wild in the North, South, OR Center of the country?

But, what does the Israeli government care about Jewish Law? Nothing.

What Jews care about Jewish Law in this situation either? Not many. As long as they can have their Philipino attendants accompany them on errands, or take care of their elderly parents, so that they do not have to deal with them, Jewish Law is easily ignored, or distorted by one "rabbi" or another.

Furthermore, what does it matter that these Philipinos and Philipinas bring avodah zarah (forbidden practices) into their homes? What does it matter that they talk openly about Yoshke (YeSh"U) to the vulnerable elderly? What does it matter that some of these women are enticing young men into marriage,...or rather marital relations, without the marriage.

Whether Darfurian or Philipino, let the goyim take care of their own, and let us do the same.

They cannot stay. They must go.

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