Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jews Are Fed Up With Arab Men Dating Jewish Women!

15 of the Tenth Month 5771

YNET: Bat Yam Rally: Death To Jewish Women Who Date Arabs

200 people demonstrate in city center against 'Arabs who are taking our daughters'; leftists wave signs reading 'Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies'

Yoav Zitun, December 20, 2010

Some 200 people held a demonstration in central Bat Yam Monday evening against relationships between local Jewish women and Arab men.

One of the protesters called out, "Any Jewish woman who goes with an Arab should be killed; any Jew who sells his home to an Arab should be killed."

During the rally, held under the banner, "We Want a Jewish Bat-Yam, demonstrators also insulted the prophet Muhammad and made racist remarks against Arabs and their saints.

Police forces maintained order, but did not act when the demonstrators made racist remarks.

"We are not racist, we are just Jews. The Arabs are coming and taking our daughters. We will not allow it," one of the speakers said.

Moshe Ben-Zikri of Eilat said the "struggle" began three years ago in Givat Ze'ev. "There were 330 Arab families there, and the Jewish women would walk around with them freely. We vowed this would not happen again.

"Just like we triumphed their, we will triumph in Bat Yam as well. We are not afraid of the police, the media or the Arabs – we only fear God," he said.

One of the event's organizers, Bentzi Gupstein told Ynet Sunday night, "So many Arabs are dating Jewish women, and the public is fed up with it.

A short distance away, about 200 leftists and Arab residents of Bat Yam held a counter protest. They waved signs reading, "We're fed up with racists" and "Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies".

Unfortunately, a few of my passionate friends, out on the streets in Bath-Yam, may not have gotten the halakhah (Jewish Law) exactly right. But who can blame them, considering that Israeli schools would not allow the teaching of any halakhoth which run contrary to Israeli law, and most "rabbis" wouldn't either.

That rabbis who do teach halakhoth which run contrary to Israeli law get harassed and detained.

I am not sure how far we can trust the accuracy of YNET's report on this rally, always looking to demonize those Jews which such views. It was probably only one or two kids who chanted the aforementioned, choice quotes, and out of frustration at that.

You would be frustrated, too, if you saw a serious problem, and danger to your own family, staring you in the face, and your government simply ignored it. Even more so, when you have Members of K'nesseth promoting such "tolerance," as well as assimilation into the Western World, eliminating transforming the Jewish identity forever, yet would never hear of their own daughters marrying on Arab. (Read "Post-Zionist")

One more quick point on the protest...

The protest took place in Bath-Yam, a suburb within the Great Tel-Aviv Area, which borders the primarily Arab neighborhoods comprising Yaffo. Eilat was mentioned, as was Giva'th Ze'ev, essentially a suburb of Jerusalem, with neighboring Arab villages.

The average Israeli suburbanite is worried, not just your usual right-wing "fanatic."

Here is a video of the protest, courtesy of The Shomer.


Unknown said...

I watched a reality show on tv and learned that Inter-racial dating is a taboo in Israel. In a Jerusalem suburb there are special patrol groups that prevent Arab men mixing with Jewish women, and couples who mutually choose to rebel are ostracized.

“It is important to safeguard our traditions, culture, history and identity because without these, who are we? From my experience I can say that the chances for a healthy relationship between an Israeli Jewish woman and an Arab man are very, very low. It is because of the great differences between these two cultures,” Alina from Yad L’Achim organization explained.

I really had a great interest with Jewesh women because of their feminity. And have honestly dated one before. It did not work; there are just too many family issues in regards with dating a non-jewish guy. I hate white girls so I had to explore dating asian race and finally found a great filipino girls.

Esser Agaroth said...

If you are an Arab or Christian and want to date Philipinas, go for it. Just take them out of Israel.

If you are encouraging Jewish men to marry Philipinas, that is not only disgusting, but evil!

Jenifar said...

As I am quiet new in Jewish, looking around for some Jewish information> Got something important here. Nice to get it.
This piece of video helped me forgive and let go of my frustration.

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