Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christians Attacked On A Hike In Israel

13 of the Tenth Month 5771

My comments follow the article... Stabbed American Tourist's Body Found Near Jerusalem

December 19, 2010

JERUSALEM – The body of a female American tourist, bound and with multiple stab wounds, was found Sunday near a road outside Jerusalem, police said.

The woman's friend, a naturalized Israeli originally from the U.K., had reported her missing a day earlier after the two were attacked. She, too, had been bound and stabbed, but managed to escape her assailants, according to police. (Read the whole story...)

What the story does not mention is that is Wilson is a so-called "messianic Jew," and that her friend Luken, who was killed was an American Christian.

I received this information via the Eretz Yisrael Undivided E-Group, from someone quoting from a so-called "messianic Jewish" website, which I will not cite here, y'makh shemam wezikhram!

Of course, any Jew, even remotely knowledgeable with halacha (Jewish Law) will know that there is no such thing. One who truly believes in such Christian nonsense, is either an oved avodah zarah (practicioner of foreign, and thus forbidden worship), or a tinoq she'nishba (like a Jewish child captured by goyim), and thus does not know any better.

How did this "messianic" Luken became a "naturalized Israeli?" That's what I would like to know.

In any event, I will not be shedding any tears over this.

Neither should you.


Thank you to Tomer Devorah for assistance with this piece.

For more on how dangerous these people are to Jews, please read The Kiss Of Esau.


Esser Agaroth said...

To those who tried to leave a comment, but did not succeed:

Your comments are repugnant.

Of course, I am not going to shed any tears for those who are here for the purpose of stealing Jewish souls, and now, more and more, our Land.

Ben-Shmuel said...

Give Em Hell, buddy! Great job stating the non-PC Torah truth without apologizing for it. May all the soul-snatchers out there share her fate.

Devash said...

Yasher koach. The truth hurts when you're not used to hearing it. I'll pass along something I heard...a fellow Jew said they thought it was interesting that the apostate Jew did not get the merit of dying al kiddush Hashem which is what it would have been if she'd been murdered simply for being a Jew. Hopefuly she will come to her senses now and repent of her idolatry. That would be the best outcome.

Esser Agaroth said...

P. S. to the Christians who wrote in...

1. You can either being Jewish or Christian, not both. The early Christians who may have been born Jewish lost their status as "Yisra'el," due to their belief, which were miniyuth and/or kefirah b'torah sheb'al Peh.

2. Your predecessors rejected the Oral Torah. You now do not have it, so you could not possibly understand Torah Law, nor are you supposed to.

3. I implore you to review Genesis Ch. 9.

Esser Agaroth said...

To the CHRISTIANS (that's what you are) claiming to be descendants from the Tribe of Epahraim, even if you were genetic descendants (and the DNA evidence points to the fact that you are not), you are not valid members of Yisra'el, due to lack of matrilineal decent, and would have to convert.

Of course, belief in false deities such as YeSh"U, disqualifies you, as this is avodah zarah.

Please find psychiatric help.

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