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African Infiltrators in Israel Strike: Don't Like It Here? Get Out!

ה' לחודש האחד עשר תשע"ד

YNET: Israel's African refugees to hold general strike
Israel's 53,000-strong community of African asylum seekers will hold a general labor strike Sunday in protest of the government's policy. 'People are desperate and scared, we are barred from renewing visas and then arrested for not having a visa'

Omri Efraim, January 5, 2014

Israel's African asylum seeker community will hold its first labor strike ever Sunday, in protest of the government's policy.

Refugees from Sudan and Eritrea will hold a nationwide general strike Sunday. The total number of refugee seekers in Israel stands at 53,000 and many are employed illegally in a wide array of low paying manual jobs – from dishwashing to construction.

"Could it be that Egypt's plague is only upon Israel?! We did not stop this plague in Egypt, and now it plagues us!"
(Photo Credit: מאי גולן - Haeer Haivrit - May Golan

Thousands of asylum seekers held a demonstration in south Tel Aviv's Levinsky Park Saturday night and called for the strike, and starting from Sunday, the asylum seekers will not go to work. The strike will probably continue throughout the week.

On Sunday morning a protest will be held in Rabin Square in Tel Aviv and on Monday, community activists intend to contact the United Nation High Commission for Refugees and foreign embassies in Israel, asking them to demand the Israeli government take responsibility over the asylum seekers.

"It is possible that the strike will go on longer (than a day). The point is to show the public what an injustice the Israeli government has been causing us recently," Davit Damuz, a refugee seeker said.

"Since the new (Infiltration Prevention Act) people are desperate and scared. The Interior Ministry refuses to renew visas and people are jailed for long periods because they don't have visas. Others are ordered to arrive at the Holot facility which is a jail for all purpose."

Last September the High Court ruled that the Infiltration Prevention Act – which allows the government to jail asylum seekers suspected of a crime for up to three years without trial – was unconstitutional.

In response, the government amended the bill, lowering the jail time to up to a year and paving the way for the Holot facility – an 'open' detention facility located in the Negev where refugees must check in at least twice a day. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Blah, blah, blah...

Unconstitutional? What constitution? Israel does not have a Constitution. Or, as my friend Ariel at The Torah Revolution would say, we do already have a Constitution, The Torah.

Video Description:
(Dec. 30, 2013) In this video, you can see some Ethiopian girls curse out the residents of South Tel Aviv, and Judaism as well... you can also see the delusional, left-wing activist call out "Nazis" to the neighborhood's residents. And best of all (lit. the cherry on the whipped cream) the infiltrator who threatens to expose himself. How lovely!

This is a frightening place - present in the video are Councilman and Acting Mayor Arnon Giladi, Tel Aviv Likud-Beiteinu faction chairman, residents of southern Tel-Aviv neighborhoods, and me - as you can see after being sent to various places in the country, I  decided to suggest to them to return their own homes.

In spite of receiving offers to return to various places around the world - I (May Golan) can report that the telephones at travel agencies have yet to collapse.

We are here because this is our country! And not the Sudanese and Eritrean's!

(Video Credit: Eric Aviv) 
MK Elazar Stern
After being attacked
So, why has the Israeli government forsaken its constituents?

It has already suggested, and failed, to implement some cockamamie "solutions." At least one MK has been attacked by an infiltrator from Africa.

Are the members of Israel's government more concerned for what the goyim (non-Jews) will think, than the well-being of its citizens, tax-payers which fund its members' salaries? Or are they just sitting on their hands, passing the buck around,...or rather the sheqqel.

Only in Israel moaning and groaning about the conditions of free food and shleter are tolerated by unwanted guests.

Talk about co-dependence!

In any other country, these infiltrators would be told that if they do not like it, then they can leave, and in Saudi Arabia, they have apparently just been shot down in the street. Of course, Israel is the one criticized for its treatment of unwanted, and ungrateful, infiltrators, not Saudi Arabia.

Typical double standards.

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