Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Demonstration in Support of MK Gidon Sa'ar; An Infiltrator Responds

ערב ראש החודש האחד עשר תשע"ד

Arutz 7: South Tel Aviv Residents Demonstrate - in Support
MK Gid'on Sa'ar
A different type of protest: following fallout from Infiltrator's Law, South Tel Aviv residents demonstrate in gratitude at MK's home.

Staff, December 31, 2013

A different type of demonstration gathered Monday night: a show of support for a government official.

Residents of South Tel Aviv and members of the Immigration Authority gathered outside the home of MK Gidon Sa'ar (Likud) Monday night. The cause: to show support and gratitude for the MK's work implementing the Infiltrator's Law to prevent more illegal immigration into the city.

Under legislation passed on December 10, illegal immigrants entering Israel can be held for up to a year without trial. It was the latest in a series of measures aimed at cracking down on the numbers of African migrants entering the country illegally, which Israel says poses both a security and demographic threat. (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Well,...I am not against such a demonstration in support of a member of government who has been attempting to do the right thing. Of course, I can think of many others things I would prefer to be doing instead.

"sheeple" = sheep + people
Not only that, but time and time again, we have seen that demonstrations, at least demonstrations which are "anti-" something never do anything,...unless they are staged by government shills, with leftists bused into Jerusalem on  Shabbath. But even those demonstrations only appear to have power, because the government those who are really in charge of this country have already made up their minds, and believe that the "sheeple" would be fooled by a staged demonstration.

What positively oriented demonstrations will do, only time will tell. My guess is that they will also result in absolutely nothing. But, who knows? Maybe MK Gid'on Sa'ar will remember the residents of South Tel-Aviv fondly in the future, and that will benefit them.

What concerns me is what has not be publicized so much about this demonstration, and that is the counter-demonstration. Here is a clip:

Infiltrator to to Tel-Aviv residents: Go back to Russia, go back to Yemen, go back to Morocco.

Where I come from that is called hutzpah (gall, nerve).

There is a huge poster at the entrance to Jerusalem's Qiriyath Moshe neighbor. Translated into English, it would read...

"Only in Israel: We release Murderers!"

I will add to that...
Only in Israel, infiltrators are treated better, and have more rights, than some of its citizens.

Only in Israel, infiltrator have more freedom of speech than citizens who disagree with the government.

Only in Israel, infiltrators know that we Israelis are freierim (suckers), and will tolerate what Egypt and other African countries will not, Saudi Arabians just shoot them..

Only in Israel, Jews are kicked out of their homes, and off of Divinely-promised Land, because the government cares more about what the "international community" thinks of us than what The Almighty thinks of us.
We learn (eg. Megillath Esther) that everything is up-side-down and backwards before Ge'ulah (Redemption).

I guess this all means that we are coming pretty close its final stages which will be upon us soon.

May it be His Will!


Unknown said...

Its getting even worse

Esser Agaroth said...

"Unknown," Thanks for commenting.


The Ethiopian Christians have been in Israel for a very long time.

In the '90's the Israeli government really pushed the new ones on us, those who claimed a connection to Klal Yisra'el.

On another note, I noticed mention of the Free Masons in Israel (time marker 9:00). Worth looking into...

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