Monday, February 10, 2014

Christian Enlistment in the IDF: What the News did not tell you.

י"א לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ד

Just when you thought you knew the details of the various Christian threats to Israel, this piece surfaces to remind us that there is always another surprise around the corner with these descendants, spiritual or otherwise, of Ya'aqov's nasty brother Esau.
Ha'aretz: Israeli army sees increase in Christian Arab recruits
Although there are only some 300 Christian Arabs serving in the Israel Defense Forces, 84 reportedly signed up in the last half of 2013 - three times the average rate.

Jack Khoury, Feb. 9, 2014 
[Photo of IDF soldier wearing crosses around his neck] 

The past six months have seen a significant rise in the number of Arab Christians joining the Israel Defense Forces, although their number is still minuscule. The actions of people within the Arab Christian community to integrate their members into Israeli society may be behind the rise – actions that raise the ire of many others, who believe that army service is intended to strike a blow at Palestinian unity. (cont.)
Esser Agaroth (2¢):
When Arutz 7 reworded and reported this piece, which it often does, it left out the word "Arab." Doubtful that Arutz 7 would the increasing number of Christians enlisting in the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] from foreign countries, such as the U. S., in a negative light, I clicked on the report anyway.

Sure enough, the title of its version left out the word "Arab."

Israel has a two-front, if not three-front battle with Christians:
1. Christians from the U. S., continue to search for ways to khop land, believing that they are entitled to it, for one reason or another. Volunteering to serve in the IDF has been used to boost a Christians application for Israeli citizenship in the future. Yep! The Israeli Government grants such dispensations, while Jews in the Ukraine rot, because they cannot afford the cost of a train ticket to Kiev or Harkov, in order to process their applications for aliyah (immigration to Israel) assistance.

2. Arab Orthodox Christians, who want to assimilate into what this piece mentions, Zionist melting pot of Israeli society. They next thing you know "Yossi" from a Christian village, whose Hebrew is flawless is dating "Rachel" from the U. S. during her year of study abroad at an Israeli university. "Rachel's" parents support Israel, and although not religious, are against intermarriage. They thought their daughter would be safe from at least this threat of residing in galuth (exile) while studying in Israel. Little did they know, "Yossi" would be studying there with her.

3. This brings us to the third threat, a recurring threat we have experienced throughout history, from the Vatican. Not only does the Vatican wants to buy up chunks of Jewish lands, either by laying historical claim to them, or simply buying up whatever Shimon Peres is willing to auction off to them. After all what does he care about Eretz Yisra'el (the Land of Israel)? One of the signs of Erev Rav, is it lack of connection to Eretz Yisra'el, and its forsaking of it. You do the math.
And now, this report in Ha'aretz reminds us of another front in the Vatican's battle with Am Yisra'el for the crown of David"
...Leaders of the Catholic Church in Israel have recently published a statement against youngsters from their community joining the army. They say Christians are being encouraged to join the army to bring them “into the Zionist melting pot of Israeli society to create a unified national Zionist narrative,” which will lead to a loss of their Arab-Palestinian identity. “This goes against all human values and the national Palestinian conscience,” the statement said...
Such rhetoric from Arab Catholics continues to amaze me. Aren't they supposed to believe in the truth of the Tana"kh (Torah, Prophets, Writings)? The Tana"kh could not be clearer as to whom the Land belongs. Even if these Catholics hold to one of the Christian philosophies that they have taken on the role as The Almighty's Chosen (God Forbid!), and thus are the inheritors of the Land, that still leaves out the Muslims, who are well know to harass their Christian "brethren,..." often.

So, perhaps they are being dishonest, by omitting the tiny piece of information that Islam flies in the face of Christianity, even more than Judaism does. Nevertheless, just like the Arab Christians, and the various Christian groups from abroad, they are following their own respective doctrines, however counter to Torah they all are.

I wish that the so-called Jewish State would do the same, by following Jewish Law (ie. halakhah/Torah Law), and disallow their enlistment.

Even the ger toshav, the "good non-Jew" who fully accepts the Torah, and rejects all forms of worship contradictory to it, such as worshiping or revering a false deity, messiah, intercessor, or whatever they are calling Yoshke these days, maybe allowed to reside in Eretz Yisra'el, but with limitations, so as not to be able to have any influence over Jews (Mishneh Torah, Hil. A"Z 10:4).

So, קל וחומר, those who do not fully accept the Torah as the only truth, and who do not reject these forbidden forms of worship should be kept away from us even farther (Mishneh Torah, Hil. A"Z 10:9).


in the vanguard said...

You can see the perspective that will remain ever before our eyes - until Moshiach comes - and that is, for Israel to follow halachah, as long as Israeli politicians remain our "leaders", we'll get nowhere fast. The only solution, Moshaich, should happen upon us soon, please Hashem!

Esser Agaroth said...

You may very well be right.

Yet, I have to try at least. The message may get to one more Jew....

I do not want to stand idly by. Although, prayer and Torah study are not standing idly by, what Torah-based Zionism (the only valid for of Zionism) is supposed to be about ushering things along in various other ways.

Just like it only took Nachshon ben Aminadav to enter the Red Sea, before it opened up, it only took the IDF's hishtadluth in 1948, 1967, and 1973, before HaShem guided us to victory.

Yes, these are the "treif birds" (Em HaBanim Smeicha)leading us temporarily. Nevertheless, as it says in Yehezqel 36 (Haftarah of Parashath Parah), HaShem is bringing (has been bringing?) us back to the land, not necessarily because we have merited it.

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