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Prominent "American Jews:" Where are their Investments Going?

ב' לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ד

Arutz 7: Prominent US Jews At Auschwitz Vow 'Never Forget'

Rep. Eric Cantor
US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and billionaire Stewart Rahr visit 'worst place on earth,' vow to apply lessons.

Yoni Kempinski, Ari Yashar, January 30, 2014

This past Monday, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a number of prominent American Jews were among the visitors to the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz in Poland. Eric Cantor, US House Majority Leader, who visited the camp for the first time, called it "the worst place on earth."

"As an American Jew I feel especially obligated now to take these lessons, put them to work, try to fight for what we stand for," said Cantor, highlighting the values of tolerance and freedom, and the fight for justice.

Manhattan billionaire Stewart Rahr noted that the message of the Holocaust, in which the Nazis pursued their genocidal plans and murdered roughly 6 million Jews, must be passed on to future generations. Rahr said he wanted to instill the message of "never forget."

Cantor said that the virulent anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust still exists, specifying the threat of an "Iranian leader committed to the destruction of Israel" bent on acquiring nuclear weapons. He pledged to fight this existential threat.

The House Majority Leader visited Israel last August where he expressed support for Israel in opposing Iran. President Shimon Peres thanked Cantor for his efforts to tighten sanctions over the Islamic regime's nuclear program, sanctions which have been greatly weakened by US President Barack Obama lately.

Rahr, founder of the American pharmaceutical company Kinray, sponsored the purchase of twelve new rapid response motorcycles for Israel's United Hatzalah emergency medical organization. The donation was unveiled on Tuesday at a special ceremony in the Aish HaTorah center in Jerusalem.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
So, Eric Cantor and Stewart Rahr are good guys trying to do good things, and, in my opinion, are certainly being success at doing good things.

Cantor says the right things; Rahr buys the right things. I cannot say anything critical about that, or can I?

What irks me, of course, is Cantor's identification as an "American Jew." Sure, he is an American, and he is a Jew, so he is an American Jew. No arguments there. I was born and raised in the U. S., so whether I like it or not, to a degree, so am I.

But, like I ask so many "American Jews," I would like to ask Eric Cantor and Stewart Rahr, What are you two still doing there? Why are you so heavily invested in the country where you are strangers?

Probably the greatest consequences of our 1,700+ of Galuth (exile) is that through our amazing survival tactics, and various successes and contributions to our host nations, and gaining some level of acceptance, we have convinced ourselves that Galuth does not exist, and thus, this is one of our greatest challenges as a people.

Just as I have suggested to several other Jewish politicians in North America, instead of investing his abilities and energies into the Land of his Exile, Eric Cantor could be doing the same here, in Israel, his only true Homeland.

The motorcycles Stewart Rahr dontated to Hatzalah will no doubt assist in saving the lives of his fellow Jews. But, how about if Stewart Rahr really puts his money (and his influence) where his mouth is, and pick up and come live in his only true Homeland.

Yeah, I know. Some Jews are so entrenched in Galuth and in the Galuth mentality, this will into one ear, and immediately out the other.

Still, I refuse to give up on my brothers and sisters.

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