Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Keeping Judea and Samaria will not be Determined by Israeli Public Opinion

כ"ו לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ד

Arutz 7: Public Opinion Key to Keeping Judea and Samaria, Experts Say
Gershon Mesika
Ahead of Thursday's academic conference on the Disengagement, and in light of peace talks, experts note the power of the public eye.

Tova Dvorin, February 25, 2014

The first-ever academic conference studying Israel's Disengagement from Gush Katif will commence Thursday. In light of the historic event, Arutz Sheva spoke to prominent political strategist Eyal Arad and Samaria (Shomron) Regional Council Chairman, Gershon Mesika.

Arad, who will be one of the main speakers at the conference, noted that the main lesson from the horrors of the Disengagement is how a bad idea can be "sold" to the public so easily (cont.)

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Sold to the public?

Whoever said that the expulsion of Jews from Azza (Gaza/Gush Qatif) was successfully sold to the Israeli public?

The prime minister at the time, who might not even have been Jewish, held a referendum of his only Likud Party members. 63% voted against his plan. So, he broke off from the Likud, and formed the Kadima Party with arrogant, power-hungry Likud and Labor Party MK's, such as current Israeli President Shimon Peres and current Justice Minister Tzippy Livni (HaTenu'ah). The prime minister then did what he wanted anyway.

Mesika with Enoch Adeboye, nicknamed "The African Pope."
Mesika's Assistant David HaIvri and Likud MK Ayoub Kara
accompany them, August, 2011
In 1993, the vote on the illegal, Oslo [Death] Accords was bought for only two, brand new cars.

The public opinion regarding the forced expulsion of Jews from Azza was stolen. The opposition, including its representative rabbis, was never allowed the forum to express itself, as if that even mattered. The vote took place long ago,...on Mt. Sinai.

If anything, it was the Israeli public's learned helplessness which clinched the deal.

To think that Israeli public opinion has ever had any influence over the agenda of the Erev Rav-controlled, Israeli Government is insane.

Repeating the same mistakes over again, expecting different results." - the definition of insanity, attributed to Albert Einstein.

Whether Gershon Mesika was speaking out of gross naivete, control by the YeSh"A Council of Collaborators, or someplace in between, only time will tell.

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