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Guest Post: Aryeh King: A Black Day for the City of Jerusalem/אריה קינג: יום שחור לעיריית ירושלים

י"ג לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ד

צילום: אריה קינג - Photo credit: Arieh King

An English Translation follows the Hebrew


יום שחור לעיריית ירושלים.
Council Member Arieh King

מראות גוש קטיף חוזרים על עצמם בירושלים.
לפני שעתיים הוזעקתי על ידי ידידי,יו"ר הקואליציה בעירייה רמי לוי, לרחוב השיש 7 בשכונת גילה.

במקום עבד באגר של עיריית ירושלים והיה עסוק בהרס בית הכנסת שממוקם בבית פרטי.

יש מקרים בהם אדם צריך להחליט מה חשוב ומה יותר חשוב.

הריסת בית כנסת בירושלים בשעה שהעירייה לא הורסים (כמדיניות!) מסגדים בגלל "הרגישות" הכרוכה בכך... מבחינתי כנבחר ציבור, זה אחד הרגעים.

לכן,רמי לוי ואני שלחנו מכתב לראש העיר ובו הודענו שבמידה וייהרס בית הכנסת אנו פורשים מהקואליציה.

לא ציינתי,אך העירייה הגיעה עם שחר,ללא התרעה מוקדמת. את הצו הריסה הוציאו במעמד צד אחד.

זה לא מעשה חלם, זהו מעשה סדום ועמורה.

אריה קינג
יו"ר סיעת ירושלים מאוחדת
חבר מועצת העיר ירושלים

A black day for the city of Jerusalem

Mirrors of Gush Qatif (Gaza, 2005/תשס"ה) repeated in Jerusalem.

Two hours ago I was called
to 7 Sheish Street in [the Southern Jerusalem neighborhood of] Giloh, by my friend, municipality coalition chairman Rami Levi.

Instead of working at the Jerusalem Municipality, it was busy destroying a synagogue located in a private home. There are cases in which a person has to decide what is important and what is more important. 

Demolition of a synagogue in Jerusalem at a time when the Municipality does not destroy (by policy!) mosques due to the "sensitivity" involved ... From my standpoint, as an elected official, this one of those moments [of decision]. 

So, Rami Levi and I sent a letter to the mayor in which we announced that if the synagogue should be destroyed, we quit the coalition .I did not mention that the Municipality arrived at dawn without prior notice. The demolition order issued ex parte. 

This is not an act ever dreamed of; rather something found in Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Aryeh King 
Chair, United Jerusalem 
Jerusalem City Council Member


yaak said...

I think מעשה חלם translates as "A story of Chelm" (as in the city)

Esser Agaroth said...



Thanks for catching that.

Devorah Chayah said...

I'm so sick from the dragging of truth and justice through the mud of galut, I am beside myself. Ad matai???!!!

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ad Matei?? I am giving this until the end of the Shmittah year, but I think that we will see major judgement by the end of this coming Sukkot 5775 in less than 9 months. The lack of rain is proof that G-d is about to take major corrective action....But first He will send Eliyahu HaNavi to warn us about the coming Great and Awesome Day of the L-rd coming up by the end of Sukkot 5775. May it be so.

Esser Agaroth said...

Devash, Me, too!

Dov, You are right, of course, and I wouldn't doubt your suspicions regarding how and when things will come to pass.

I just hope that when Mashi'ah arrives, he doesn't have to ask us, "Nu? Why did you leave ME all this work to do? Why did you stand idly by, allowing evil to manifest itself, just because it came out of a democratically elected government?"

Dov Bar-Leib said...

According to the chart here (The Yovel Cycles starting with Ezra HaSofer)

we are nearing the end of the 48th Yovel Cycle since Ezra HaSofer. All the Yovel cycles during the 2nd Temple period had 50 years while the remaining Yovel cycles after the Churban have been 49 year cycles. This is so because the Yovel year, being the 15th and 65th year of every Jewish Century, "decoupled" from the 7x7 years of the Shmittah cycles with the destruction of the 2nd Temple. Notice that the 48th Yovel Cycle (Yesod shebeMalkhut cycle) began in 5727 (1967). Since all that happened to Yosef happened to Tzion, we have had 48 1/2 years to get it right through our own efforts by bringing Mashiach ben Ephraim or MBYosef to rule over a united Yerushalayim. Because of infighting, outright Rishut, and major hashkafic divisions amongst Torah observant Jews, we only got as far as we have gotten by the grace of G-d. It is time to turn the page to the next phase. By this coming Shmittah year we enter the Malkhut sheBeMalkhut year of this Yovel cycle where we transition to Mashiach ben David at the beginning of the Malkhut sheBeMalkhut Yovel cycle in 5776. The transition year 5775 will be like holding on to a blanket as G-d shakes out the world. Hold on! I think that the preliminaries such as the coming of Eliyahu start this coming Nisan to prepare us all. Last thought: I saw this years ago that a shana me'uberet must classically take place during the famous 9 months which we are in already. According to one opinion those 13 months/ nine months conclude on Rosh Chodesh Nisan after Adar Sheini. And we just so happen to be at the end of the Ba'al Kerry's declared 9 months with 4 x 26 (YKVK) releases of murderers.

Esser Agaroth said...

Very compelling sources and calculations!

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