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Welcome to the Sheikh Jarrah Yeshivah! Huh?

כ' לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ד

JPost: Construction of controversial yeshiva approved in Sheikh Jarrah
Daniel K. Eisenbud, February 12, 2014

Nine-story campus wins approval in 4 to 3 vote by J'lem Planning and Building Committee; Municipality: Decision not a provocation, years away from being built. By a narrow margin, the Jerusalem Planning and Building Committee on Wednesday approved the construction of a yeshiva campus in the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, beyond the Green Line.

MK Dr. Meir Margalit
The Glassman campus, as the 10,000 sq.m. complex is known, is set to include 12 floors and be built on a vacant lot adjacent to the yeshiva’s current Ohr Somayach campus on Shimon Hatzadik Street. It will include dormitories and classrooms.

Although the land is owned by the Israel Lands Authority, the Jerusalem Planning Department and numerous city council members have vocally opposed the construction, repeatedly attempting to postpone the vote in consideration of peace negotiations.

Noting the sensitivity of Jewish settlement in Sheikh Jarrah, Dr. Meir Margalit (Meretz), who heads the east Jerusalem Portfolio, summarily dismissed the decision to build another yeshiva there as a “clear provocation” against the neighborhood’s Palestinian residents.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
I am confused. Ohr Somayach is located on the west side of Road No. 1. Ma'aloth Dafnah and Arzei Birah are the names of the neighborhoods.

This is a "clear provocation?" How so?

The most dangerous element of this picture: A Haredi boy holding up the Zionist flag.
SSSHHH! Don't tell anyone!

Someone needs to have a geography lesson and/or be clearer in what he is trying to communicate to us here.

On the other side of Road No. 1, part of the mythical Green Line, is the neighborhood of Shimon HaTzadiq, named for the great Hakham (Sage) who is buried there. The so-called "Sheikh Jarrah" neighbor was always considered, by the Arabs, to be north of this area up to the Mt. Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University, which found itself "on the other side," after the smoke cleared from Israel's War of Independence in 1948/תש"ח.

In other words, the neighborhood Arabs and Leftists call Sheikh Jarrah is not even where the Leftists think it is, not to mention the Arabs themselves, trying to keep up with the Pallywood script changes.

Let us let the reporter of this article off the hook for the moment, and assume for the sake of argument, that the proposed building is actually on the east side of Road No. 1.

"Sensitivity of Jewish settlement?" Huh?

These homes are JEWISH homes, reclaimed from Arab squatters who have living in them rent-free since as long ago as 1948/תש"ח, Israel's War of Independence, fought against, none other than... Arabs.
feeding time...

Should the Jews give up on reclaiming the property stolen from them by the Nazis? By the Iraqi

Furthermore, I do not hear anyone complaining about the provocation of Hebrew University's presence in so-called "East Jerusalem." Maybe that's because it is the academic jewel of Israel, and Jerusalem's brainwashing indoctrination and distribution center for Left-Wing/assimilationist propaganda.

The following is a video of the regular tour of the Shimon HaTzadiq neighbor given by Yehonathan "Yoni" Yosef, son of Rabbi Ya'aqov Yosef ztz"l, and grandson of the Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef ztz"l.

During this tour, Yoni recounts the history of the neighborhood, and its extensive Jewish roots and character. When his grandfather was a young man, he was a (ba'al qeriah (Torah reader) for this neighborhood, and remembered quite well the Jewish residents, whose families had lived there for generations.

Did you notice the make-up of the tour group he was leading? Diverse, and that means dangerous. Jewish unity is simply too much for the Erev Rav controlled government to deal with.

Let's give them more of it, while we are recounting the true, Jewish history of our Homeland.


yitz said...

BTW, the neighborhood is called Shimon Hatzaddik, why delegitimize it by calling it by an arab name, just like we do not call Yehuda and Shomron the insulting name given to it by the leftist media nor do we call the arab squatters the P word which is a fictitious name

Esser Agaroth said...

I did call it that. You mean I should not have referred to the part north as "Sheikh Jarrah?"

Sure, I'll fix that. What I meant was that what the Arabs call Sheikh Jarrah isn't even where Leftist un-Jews think it is.

I davqa used it in the title (with a question mark), to get the attention of those who needed to read this.

You and I don't need to read this.

We already know the truth. ;-)

Thanks for commenting.

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