Thursday, February 13, 2014

Settlers Attack Leftists Near Hebron: Oh, Really?

י"ג לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ד

YNET: Leftist activist attacked by settlers in West Bank
Israeli Ta'ayush organization activist was escorting goat herders in area belonging to Palestinians when attack occurred

Elior Levy February 9, 2014

An Israeli activist from the leftist Ta'ayush organization was attacked on Saturday in the West Bank by a group of masked settlers who beat him with clubs.

The victim belongs to a group of activists who go every Saturday to south Mount Hebron region and conduct joint activities with local Palestinians. on Saturday morning, the activists said, they arrived to escort goat herders in an area belonging to Palestinians near Mitzpe Ashtamoa, a neighborhood in Mount Hebron.

There were six goat herders in the area, and at a certain stage, the activists said, 15 masked settlers accompanied by IDF soldiers emerged from the outpost, and began to approach the activists. The soldiers remained at a distance throughout the incident, and it is far from certain that they saw the attack. At that point the activists began to partially document the event.

Danny Kronberg told Ynet that the incident began at 11 am, when some of the masked men approached him as he was standing at some distance from his friends.

"One of the masked men approached me and started pushing me, and then two more joined and began to kick me while I was lying on the floor, and striked me a club." Kronberg said he was injured in his legs and back.

"At first one of them thought I was a Palestinian and then he realized I was an Israeli and yelled at me why did I come here to support Palestinians," Kronberg added.

Krongberg said that the attack lasted a short time and that the settlers fled immediately after. At the time of the attack, the soldiers were apparently some distance from the location.

Later on, the masked men used slingshots to hurl stones at the activists. The activists said that the settlers called upon the soldiers to shoot the settlers, and threatened that if they won't do it, the settlers would shoot them themselves.

Esser Agaroth (2¢):
Let's see what we really have here...
1. Misguided, misdirected, assimilated "Jews" actively demonstrating their forsaking of our Divinely-granted, and re-granted Homeland. Conscious or not, culpable or not, this is still a sign of possible Erev Rav status.

2. A beautiful demonstration of the confusion many Jews, not even just on the Left, possess regarding the differences between Western Exile values and sensibilities and Torah values and sensibilities. They are, of course, not one and the same.

3. The Powers That Be insist that such individuals desperately need re-educating (Read: "brainwashing") regarding the necessity of following the State's Law (Read: " the expense of Torah Law").

4. There are also the Jews in the video, protecting Jewish lands. Nope, YNET never thought about that. What kind of documentation have such Arabs ever provided regarding their alleged ownership of Land in Yehudah and Shomron (Judea and Samaria), and elsewhere.

5. The Arabs of Sheikh Munes apparently had such documentation, but that did not stop its conquering in 1948, and its re-establishment as the snooting, "Limousine Liberal" northern Tel-Aviv, Jewish neighborhood of Ramat Aviv. What the difference is between the milhemeth misswah (obligatory war) of 1948, and that of that still taking place this afternoon, as I write this, I have no idea.
Almost since the minute I stepped off of the plane in Ben-Gurion Airport for the first time, back in 1997/תשנ"ז, I heard talk of the "impending civil war," the "War of Brothers," in Hebrew. Of course, I thought everyone who mentioned such a thing was insane, and did not know what they were talking about.

Boy, did I learn a lot in the last16 years!

There already has been a civil war going on since at least before the establishment of the modern State.

Unfortunately, I am afraid to say that I don't think we've seen nuthin' yet.

Maybe, we will get lucky, and see these Arabs, and those un-Jews who defend them (more like provoke them), run away to Spain or elsewhere, when the going gets too tough for them.

Sure, I would rather see Jews, even un-Jews do teshuvah (rentance), instead of just getting up and leaving. Nevertheless,...

Hey, who knows, maybe these leftist un-Jews will volunteer to live in a Palestinian State, where the Palestinians have made quite clear that "settlers" will no longer be welcome.

I sincerely doubt it.


Devorah Chayah said...

Thanks. That was very entertaining. They've still got a lot to learn, but G-d willing, they'll get there. It's a good start!

Batya said...

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