Thursday, February 06, 2014

Organization Demonstrating Against Jewish and Arab Dating Gets Demonized by the Media/התקשורת מנסה להשחיר את ארגון להבה

ו' לחודש השנים עשר תשע"ד

Did you know that there was a demonstration by the organization "Lehavah" next to the Gerard Center, in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Nachla'oth?

Probably not. I personally did not see too many reports on it, and I did not see any English. Did I miss any?

I cannot really add much to the video, other than compliments to Lehavah for the efforts of its members, for the sake of Am Yisra'el!

ערוץ 10 מנסים להשחיר את ארגון להבה, הפגנה של ארגון להבה נגד המופע של שרים ביחד יהודיות וערבים. מול מפגיני להבה התייצבו אנשי שמאל קיצוני שקיללו וחירפו וזו התוצאה... תנו לייק בפייסבוק של להבה הרב בנצי גופשטיין

Esser Agaroth (2¢) Translation:
Channel 10 tries to demonize the Lehavah organization, the organization's demonstration against a sing along with Jewish girls and Arab men. In front of the demonstrators Leftists situated themselves and cursed them and were abusive, and this is the result... please "like" Lehavah's Facebook Page. Rabbi Bentzi Gopstein

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Kalashnikover Rebbe: 
They do a LOT more than demonstrate. They save Jewish women involved with and married to A-rabs on an ongoing basis and run a shelter for them at an undisclosed location...

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Eitan said...

They reported Lahava's actions as if these were some kind of neo-Nazis. Typical left wing propaganda...

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